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Top Reasons Why You Should Use AngularJS

 When it comes custom mobile web and app development, there are a number of coding languages and frameworks that developers can make use of. And with the explosion of more and more businesses wanting their own custom mobile applications, understanding what certain languages and frameworks can do for you as an angularjs web application development company is more important than ever.

Reasons Why You Should Use AngularJS

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a very popular JavaScript framework that was initially developed by Google. First released in October 2010, it is an open source front-end web framework that offers a highly simplified development process to developers working on web and custom mobile app development.

Primarily used for single page applications, angularjs web application development is a great option for building dynamic views within web and custom mobile and web applications.

Why is it Used by AngularJS Mobile App Development 

According to Statista, 11.49% of surveyed developers worldwide use AngularJS in 2021. AngularJs offers individual developers and AngularJS mobile app development companies a whole host of features and functionality options. Though it uses HTML as its base language, it’s flexibility and robust support has made it a popular choice.

AngularJS is an extremely useful and powerful framework to develop with that has become exceedingly popular since it’s initial release. 


When it comes to custom mobile app development, you may find yourself concerned with things such as affordability. Affordability will also be of concern to your clients and customers as an AngularJS mobile app development as you get started working on their projects. AngularJS is an open source framework. Open source frameworks and coding languages have lower costs associated with them because of the community support behind them.

AngularJS also has a great deal of reusable components that helps to keep costs down even further. So as an AngularJS mobile app developer, you can focus on delivering a final web or custom mobile application at a reduced cost when compared to other frameworks.

Consistency in the Code

AngularJS is a framework that offers a great deal of code consistency. Code consistency makes for strong development to occur with AngularJSwhen it is used by a developer. The consistency that can be found in AngularJS is thanks to the documentation style guides, the Angular command line interface, and the overall reusability to be found in the coding and components.

Reusability of codes and components is especially helpful in keeping things very consistent. Developers are able to streamline parts of the development process by making use of reusable bits of code.

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Easy Testing

Another reason to consider using AngularJS for custom mobile and web app development is the easy testing that it allows for. AngularJS has a dependency injection built into it, meaning that you can “declaratively describe how your application is wired.” During the creation of AngularJS, it was worked on to be a testable framework. The focus on making it testable and the built in dependency injection make testing with AngularJS an absolute breeze.

Additional tools like Karma and Jasmine can also be used during the testing process to ensure that the code that a developer has written is functioning as it should.

Long Term Support

Originally developed as a framework by Google, AngularJS is now in what is called Long Term Support. This essentially means that the support team behind the framework is supporting AngularJS by providing fixes to bugs that meet a certain list of criteria. Other support for AngularJS mobile app development companies exists through XLTS for AngularJS as well.

Robust Community Behind the Framework

As previously discussed, AngularJS is open source. Open source programs, frameworks, and other programs always have a large community that spring up around them and AngularJS is no different. A robust community around a framework means that a team or individual developer will have access to things such as discussion forums, mailing lists, tutorials, and other communal spaces.

All of these different resources that spring up from open source communities provides developers working with AngularJS support should they face issues or difficulties. 

And there you have it. Using AngularJsfor your custom mobile app development will bring a number of benefits with it and your work as a mobile app development company will stand out even more.

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