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Must-Try iPhone Games Once in Your Lifetime

In today's world, mobile phones are not just for communicating. Thanks to technological advancements, now you can play games on your iPhone. 

Must-Try iPhone Games Once in Your Lifetime

Playing the game on your iPhone is an easier task but finding trending iPhone games that are worth playing and giving you. Often when looking for something good, we stumble upon junky games that give us goosebumps of boredom instead of making us feel good and rejuvenated.

It may be happening to you too. If so, this blog will offer the most help to you. Our top picks of all-time iPhone games can be found here. 

Therefore, stop snoozing and join us on the journey to discover the top-rated iPhone games. 

1. Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the very first all time iphone games that brings the concept of augmented reality to the smartphone screen.

Pokemon Go is a real-world gaming app developed by Niantic. This app uses your phone's GPS and clock to detect where you are within the game, then summons a Pokémon to appear around you within your phone's screen.

Pokemon Go encourages players to explore and use real locations to find Pokemon (the real world serves as the setting in this game). Explore your surroundings and capture more than 100 different kinds of Pokemon. In this game, you get an idea of what it's like to play a video game in a real-world setting like New York, Paris, and Japan. 

Explore your cities, towns, and even the entire world to come across and capture plenty of Pokemon. When you move around and you feel the vibration of your phone, it's a sign you are near a Pokemon. Aim your smartphone's touch screen at the Pokemon you find as soon as you find it. Once it has been aimed at, you can naturally catch it by simply throwing a Poké Ball.

Furthermore, you should seek out PokéStops located in historic or important places, such as monuments, public art installations, historical markers, etc., in order to collect more Poké Balls and other items.

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2. Super Mario Run


Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is another trending iPhone game introduced by the great video game development company named Nintendo. 

The game is available on the iPhone app store and is among the very first games made with the collaboration of NintendoMario. 

The game is rebuilt on the concept of the most popular super classic game called Super Mario Bros. The perfect blend of modern graphics and the vibe of classic video games seems to deliver the most rejuvenating gaming experience on the iPhone screen. 

In this game, you will find yourself collecting coins, smashing blocks, and stomping on bodies. 

3. Call of Duty


Call of Duty

Call of Duty rules the gaming world, and the franchise has been improving steadily. If you're looking for games that are both interesting and involving, this is the place for you. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is a welcome addition to the series of Call of Duty sequels, bringing something new to the prequels and moving beyond World War II settings.

Unlike previous games of the genre, Modern Warfare 2 has left the historical ideas far behind and introduced new characters as well as a modern storyline, all while hoping to offer more than the other shooting games have. The inclusion of the multiplayer mode and the various features of the game has also made it the game to beat this year.

The game is designed in a way that will capture your attention no matter what time of day it is. In fact, it can be described as a form of addiction without any negative side effects.

4. Battlegrounds Mobile India


Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the revived version of one of the most trending games for iPhone called PUBG. The game carries forward the same gameplay of the all-time favorite iPhone games PUBG with few improvements in the graphics of the game. 

The game sets you in a virtual world, where you are free to explore 5 amazing maps - Eragel, Miramar, Sanhok, Livik, and Karakin. The moment after you drop from the plane and hit the ground, you need to locate weapons to compete with the enemy. Players who kill all enemies and survive until the end of the game are declared winners.

On the app store, Battleground became the top-rated iPhone game soon after its release. 

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So, these were the four most popular iPhone games you can play. Talking about my personal favorite among all the aforementioned new trending games for the iPhone Battlegrounds Mobile India A.K.A comes out as a winner.

All of these games are developed by trusted iPhone game development companies, hence you can play without any worry.  Let us know which most trending games for the iPhone are your personal favorite.

Author Bio: 

Vidushi Jain is a SEO Analyst. She likes to share her opinions on the IT industry via blogs. Her interest is to write on the latest and advanced IT technologies which includes mobile app development, game development and digital marketing.

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