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Pay Attention to Gamescom 2021 Big Announcement

 Here are the big announcement from Gamescom 2021 Microsoft's Xbox 90 minutes long event, that also cover news for Dying Light 2, Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 5 and many more. Microsoft held its Gamescom 2021 event and we came across some big announcement in the opening night that covers up new updates on the upcoming Forza Horizon 5, new titles to Xbox Game.

New car and first drive trailer of Forza Horizon 5 released

Most awaiting racing game Forza Horizon 5 has set the wings on fire and about to release on 9th of November.

What was there in fist 8 minutes Trailer?

  • It include Mercedes-AMG ONE and Bronco Badlands cars
  • New custom controller for the Xbox Series X/S
  • Controller costs $74.99

Latest updated regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator

Are you guys ready for several thrilling updates that are coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

Points to cover in this exciting update:

  • Air taxis will be the part of game in future instated of electric taxis.
  • New Historic planes
  • New Racing modes
  • New 3D cities

More details of Dying Light 2

Let’s see in-depth look of the game that is about to launch on 9th of December. Style of play will remain in hands of player and they can react accordingly to the specific situation. From the game play trailer we can say that game will react to the next level with further advancements as compared to previous version.

Xbox Cloud Gaming coming to Xbox Series

This holiday season Microsoft made the biggest announcement that Xbox Cloud Gaming is coming to Xbox and Xbox Series. This is the biggest update where Players can join their friends faster and at the very moment they can try out games without downloading them.

Other Updates from Event

  • New event for Sea of Thieves
  • Wasteland 3 also gets one final mission
  • Crusader Kings III is also set to come to Xbox Series X/S later

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