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Five Ways to Earn Profit as a Self-Published Author Through Online Resources

 According to writer Joseph Epstein, “81 percent of people in America feel they have a book in them, and they should write it.” However, writing a good book and publishing it is no small feat. It is also challenging to get a publisher, market the book, make it successful, and earn profits from it. 

Self Published Author

Even though you have hundreds of ideas in your head, writing a book is easier said than done. Millions of books are published yearly, but not all of them get the recognition and appreciation of their readers, nor do the authors make a decent profit. 

The following tips will provide some basics to help your work gain the attention it deserves and keep those pennies coming in for your thoughts through online resources.

Go with Self Publication

You know how everything in this time and age is rapidly being modernized or upgraded, well guess what? Methods of publication have significantly improved as well. Rather than looking for traditional publishers to introduce your writings to the audience, you should consider self-publishing. Through this process, authors can keep around 50% to 70% of their work’s profit,whereas hiring a publication leaves the author with the least amount of profit, such as 10% to 14% only. 

Many online platforms are now available for book printing to facilitate writers looking to try self-publication. Another plus to consider is the wide variety of binding options and immediate delivery of your orders. Such exceptional services at minimal cost enable aspiring authors to take their first step toward their dream profession.

Let Influencers Pull your Audience

There are mainly, four categories of influencers based on their level of fame and the number of followers, namely nano, micro, macro, and mega. In the United States alone, there are around 793,000 micro-influencers that form the largest group of influencers across the country. The medium group is close to having 70,000 influencers, whereas the macro influencers are estimated to be 51,000. The ones with the maximum of followers are the mega group which includes 5000 compelling personalities from all over the country.

Whether you choose micro or nano influencers, they highly influence their followers' decisions. These influencers will charge you according to their category, and every individual will have a different amount set for their services. When hiring one of these social media figures to promote your work, there are a few suggestions to keep in mind.

One of the first things to consider would be to hire niche influencers. They have a few thousand followers with similar interests who are closely connected, such as bookstagrammers. They are considered more authentic, and their words carry more weight within their community.

It will also be in the writer’s best interest to initially assign the task to a micro-influencer or a bookstagrammerif it is their first experience. It would be more convenient and cost-effective but should still allow your work to gain exposure.

Keep Readers Intrigued Through Social Media

Social media is undeniably a powerful tool for publicity and social interactions. You can use these platforms to reveal snippets of your work to the readers to pique their interest in yourbook. 

You can create a website to write blogs. Create a Facebook page to share your contemplations and details about your work in progress, or share a fascinating chapter from a soon-releasing book. These are some ways to keep the readers engaged with your composition.

Asking the audience about their thoughts on another author’s book or expressing your positive views regarding them can add to the bonding experience. Similarly, suggesting a few good reads to the followers and asking about their favorites can give you an idea of your readers’ preferences.

This communication aims to build relationships with your readers and keep them hooked to your soon-to-be-released book.

Use Online Groups & Communities to Increase Outreach

There are numerous online communities for authors, novelists, and philosophers you could become a part of and grow your network within the line of work.You can connect with fellow authors and avid readers to get exposure to diverse perceptions that will help you find inspiration.

Writers’ communities are now becoming exceedingly popular with the authors of today’s age. As many of these websites and groups swarm the internet, you can connect with people from different walks of life with similar interests and promote your book there. If you are a first-time author, you can stay connected with your readers and other authors through the platforms, and these will also benefit you for your future books.

You can also expect constructive criticism and valuable remarks from your fellow writers regarding your work on these platforms and stay in touch with your readers. The exchange of input allows everyone involved to grow in their skills, achieve prowess, and resultantly make some profit.

Hold Online Contests

Giving out free samples and products is the new marketing strategy to attract your targeted masses

You can use the same approach to promote your book on your social media handles and announce giveaways of your signed books or custom stationery to a specific number of followers. These campaigns are usually run in the form of a small contest, the tasks given are very easy, and winners are chosen through a lucky draw.

Suppose you announce that ten lucky winners will get a free signed copy of the new book with a complimentary present from the author. To receive the prize participant must bring twelve more followers to the community within three hours. All you haveto do is ensure the timely delivery of the promised prize to the winners.

Not only does this increase your page’s following, but you also get to share your masterpiece with an appreciative audience who would suggest it to their fellow readers, increasing your followers and profits.

Take Away

Though a lot has changed in the world, what remains constant is people’s love for reading and writing books. With the help of modern tools, anyone who dreams of becoming an author can step forth to take on this journey. As online resources are affordable for all, online self-publicity of your books ensures that your work reaches your target audience with minimum expense, providing maximum exposure.  

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