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Fourways Tech Makes Shopping Easier and Quicker

 Technology is rapidly changing the world, making it significantly easier for us to complete everyday tasks. With innovative solutions popping up one after the other, those who are quick to incorporate them are the ones who make a mark.

tech makes shopping easier

This applies to businesses and individuals because the bilateral relationship between consumers and service providers can be smooth if both sides are on the same page.

Such is the case with the technology that is reshaping shopping trends these days. Things that were unimaginable in the past are now a reality as technological solutions make it easier for customers and service providers to conduct transactions quickly and efficiently.

While technological progress was in the making, it was not until the COVID-19 pandemic that many stores incorporated modern technology to continue their operations. With a significant chunk of the population confined at home due to lockdowns and restrictions, these companies had to find ways to continue their services.

So, many of them worked on their e-commerce platforms and strengthened their delivery processes. Similarly, many vendors started accepting online payments and contactless payments to minimize the risks of the virus spreading to others.

To maintain distance, most stores adopted a self-shopping and checkout feature that allowed customers to skip queues and check out without needing a cash counter. 

One of those technologies was the barcode reader, which wasused to scan a product's barcode and charge the customer. It was quick, easy, and effective. 

But that's not all; there are many other ways tech made shopping easier. 

1. E-commerce:

The online marketplace is growing steadily and is reshaping the shopping experience. In the past, fraud was a significant concern expressed by customers, causing them to be reluctant to shop online. 

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, their trust increased when customers started to shop online, and payment services became more secure. 

This led to a widespread revolution in this sector, prompting the rise of various e-commerce platforms.

With e-commerce, customers can easily find the products they are looking for at various stores and order them without leaving their homes. 

Moreover, customers can easily track their parcels and know when exactly to expect them at their doorstep. A few taps on your smartphone, and you've made a purchase.

Those worried about size while ordering clothing can easily replace it if the store allows an easy exchange. Most stores these days return products without any questions asked, and customers across the world make use of this policy.

2. Digital payments:

There was a time when transactions used to be only carried out through cash or cheques. While every place accepted cash, cheques were not widely accepted, given how long it took for vendors to cash them. 

However, things have changed, and digital payments have made things significantly easier. If you live in an area where digital payments are accepted everywhere, you do not even need to carry cash.

Digital payments are secure and can be used to make purchases in various sectors. Contactless debit cards and NFC-enabled phones can also be used to make payments without handing over your card or phone to anyone. 

Some of the most common vendors that allow cashless payments are

• Google Pay

• Amazon Pay

• Payoneer

• Visa

• Skrill

• Stripe

• Paypal

Moreover, cryptocurrencies are also gaining wide acceptance across the world. Not only are cryptocurrencies secure, but they can also help you avoid bank fees, which you would have to incur otherwise.

3. Augmented and virtual reality:

Another notable technological addition to shopping is augmented and virtual reality. This is a unique innovation and is still in its infancy. The more these services mature, the more exciting shopping will become.

Online stores use AR or VR to mimic the experience of a physical store. They may even customize it to offer innovative approaches to looking at the products you are interested in. 

For example, if you are interested in a leather jacket but are uncertain whether or not it would look good on you, an AR system can scan and show you how you would look with the jacket on. This way, you can virtually try a variety of sizes and see which one fits you the best.

Of course, this system is still developing, so do not expect it to be perfect. There may be size discrepancies, and colors may not be accurate. But as this technology evolves, the online shopping experience is on course to become more exciting. 

4. Social media:

Considering how the other examples are distinct, this may seem obvious. But, hey, two decades ago, the things social media does nowadays was unimaginable. 

So, there is good reason to believe that we haven't entirely explored the full capabilities of social media and are yet to see what changes it brings to shopping.

While many stores operate their platforms or stick to major e-commerce giants, some use social media to get more customers. Sometimes people do not even set up their stores on these social media platforms. Instead, they use them as channels to communicate with their customers. 

Social media can also be used to connect to retailers and get to know more about the products as people readily share their feedback on their products there. This makes it easier for people to assess the quality of the products without laying their hands on them. 

Moreover, considering that these companies take their reputation seriously, they go out of their way to cater to customers' needs to ensure that they receive positive feedback.


So, e-commerce, digital payments, AR and VR, and social media are some manifestations of how technology is changing shopping. 

From the likes of responsive websites, chatbots, recommendations, email marketing, and self-delivery & pickup points, technology has made shopping much easier and more engaging. 

Gone are the days when you had to go to a physical store and stand in long queues to buy something. Now, you can order anything you want through your smartphone and get it delivered without leaving your home. 

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