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10 Best Frontend Frameworks Developers Can Use in 2023

 With every passing day, there are various technologies, libraries, and frameworks that are emerging in the world of software development. It’s challenging to keep in track with the latest trends and changes in current time. 

Best frontend frameworks

You might not be aware, but there are 100+ frontend frameworks available in the market. Picking the most suitable framework is a tough task. But, if you have gone through this comprehensive guide on best frontend frameworks, you can easily pick the best one for your project.

Some frameworks are open-source, some are paid, some are good for beginners along with experienced developers, while some are just for experienced developers. In this article, we will discuss about 10 top frontend frameworks to use in 2023. Let’s begin with learning more about each framework in detail.

Best Frontend frameworks for interactive UI development

We have a list of top frontend frameworks developers can prefer to use while developing different apps/softwares/websites for different domains. Here’s the list:

● React

● Angular

● Vue.js

● jQuery

● Emberjs

● Bootstrap

● Node.js

● Svelte

● Foundation

● Preact

We will learn about each framework, their advantages and uses in further articles.


React is one of the famous frontend frameworks for web app development. It was made by Facebook back in 2013, and now it has a huge user base in very less time. 

It is used for developing engaging user interfaces and is well known for flexibility and performance as well. React also has the feature of creating reusable components that can be used at different places in the same React project or even in different React projects. 

Tech giants like Facebook, Instagram, etc., use React for their frontend development. Here are some pros using React development framework:

Pros of React

● Modernise Legacy Apps

● Accessibility Support

● Mobile Compatible Design

● Save Money 

● Huge Community support

● Faster Web App Development


Angular is also a famous frontend framework that is developed and maintained by Google. It was first released back in 2009. Like ReactJS, angular is also an open-source framework that is used for developing SPAs, and various apps.

The features of Angular like ease of use, huge user base, large support community, comprehensive documentation, etc., has made this platform popular amongst developers. Some popular tech companies like Airbnb, Google, eBay, etc., use Angular. Additionally, it supports JavaScript and also TypeScript.

Pros of Angular

● Faster Testing and Debugging

● Improved Performance

● Improved Scalability

● Less Maintenance

● Huge Community support

● Comprehensive documentation


Vue.js is the most used JavaScript library as it is easy to learn and implement. Due to these features, beginners prefer to work with Vue.js first. It is used to develop high-performance front ends for apps and also for SPAs.

Evan You, an ex-Google engineer, is known for organizing Vue.js. It has a lot of parts that fosters a consistent UI. It also permits you for easy development of frontend with easy-to-learn techniques.

Vue.js is a mixture of ReactJS and AngularJS that provides a good alternative for React and Angular both. Alibaba, Xiaomi, 9gag, etc are some famous Vue.js examples.

Pros of Vue.js

● Comparatively small in size

● Readability

● Reactivity

● Documentation

● Data Binding

● Templates and Components

● Community


jQuery is the earliest frontend framework that was introduced back in 2006. It’s nothing but a quick and reduced JS library that is used for versatile frontend development for different projects. 

Also, to continue its market, jQuery has now brought jQuery Mobile framework developing UI that is mobile friendly and specially for mobile apps. This framework, though being too old, is still prevalent in the market because of its interactive features. Tech giants like Uber, Microsoft, Twitter, etc. use jQuery. Here are the pros of using jQuery.

Pros of jQuery

● Promotes simplicity

● Rich & responsive UI development

● Conceded stacking of Ajax information

● Show & shroud insights of a record

● Pagination through ajax/HTML demand

● Perusing table information from objects

● Cross-program similarity

● Inbuilt customer side looking, arranging


Emberjs uses a fully-featured JS framework that was created by Yehuda Katz, Tom Dale and Jeremy Ashkenas in 2011. It is mainly designed for creating ambitious web apps that mainly focuses on productivity and is easy to use.

Ember has different features that makes it popular for enterprise apps that includes templates, routing and data binding. It can also handle JSON Web tokens and also install add-ons from NPM repositories.

Pros of Ember.js

● Highly Scalable

● Easiest Framework for learning

● In-builtsupport For Authentication


Bootstrap is an open-source and free CSS framework that is focused on mobile-first, responsive web development. It makes the interface parts more interactive. Incorporates HTML and CSS configurations formats. It also makes exceptionally responsive plans. It offers a portable first methodology.

Pros of Bootstrap

● Highly Responsive

● Fast Development

● Customizable

● Platform compatible


Node.js is a framework that is most popular in the current market. You might be familiar with Node.js easily. The main speciality of this platform is that it is capable of developing server side and client side platforms. Another main feature of Node.js is it also works for large-scale softwares.

Pros of Node.js

● Simple to use

● Wide range functions available

● Huge community support

● Quick and easy solutions


Svelte is one of the latest JS compilers that is made to develop performance UIs for different apps. It was made by Ruch Harris in 2017 and still it is in easy development stages.

It’s unique that it does not use virtual DOM. Rather than, it uses a custom JS virtual machine that is designed specifically for developing UIs for different projects. This feature makes Svelte 10 times faster than other platforms like Angular, react, etc.

Pros of Svelte

● Smaller File Size

● Better Performance

● Faster Loading Time


Foundation is not recommended for beginner developers. This is the best platform for the development of enterprise-level agile websites and responsive features. Beginners may find this platform to be too complex for developing the best in class large-scale apps. Developers with some basic knowledge of other platforms will find Foundation more useful.

This platform offers GPU acceleration for smooth animations, data-interchange attributes, etc. If you are looking to get started with Foundation, you can work on autonomous projects for getting familiar with framework to handle the complexities, Mozilla, Microsoft, etc., are some tech giants using Foundation.

Pros of Foundation

● Flexible grids

● You can create exquisite websites 

● HTML5 form validation library 

● CustomisedUX for various devices &media


Preact was created as a ‘3kb React alternative’, Preact is a JS library that is designed to offer the similar functionalities like React, but it’s just a smaller package. Jason Miller created Preact in 2014 and still is in active development.

Preact has different benefits as React such as virtual DOM & server-side rendering. It can run iOS& Android, making it ideal for making apps designed to create across multiple platforms.

Pros of Preact

● Best Performance

● No Need For Additional Libraries

● Developers are increasing their interests in Preactá¹£

Concluding Words

These 10 are the best frontend frameworks that developers can use in 2023. SmarshInfotech is a popular software development outsourcing company. Our skilled developers will help you quickly develop your business application. Let’s discuss the project idea soon!

Author Bio:

Nimisha Kapadia is the Technical head of SmarshInfotech - an emerging custom software development company that offers mobile app development, web app development, dedicated developers, and software testing service at a competitive price. Her bold leadership and foresight have taken the company to great heights. She loves to read and share her insights on the tech industry.

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