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7 Myths About Software Development That You Should Know

 There are several myths related to software development. Such myths can be dangerous if you are planning to outsource your custom software development. So, we have decided to share some of the popular myths about software development.

Software Development Myths

List of Common Myths About Software Development

1. One Programming Language is Better than Others

Software developers prefer to use programming languages they like, so sometimes they say that a single language is better than other languages. But, it is not true. The truth is that each language serves a particular purpose. That's why it's wrong to say that one programming language is better than another.

2. More Members in the Team Means Better Software Development

Another myth about software development is that if we are unable to perform our job efficiently, we need to add more team members to the team to accelerate the software development process. In reality, adding more software developers to the team is never a good idea. When you hire more software developers to outsource your custom software development, you need to maintain regular communication about the project. So, the software development project might be delayed even more in most of the cases.

3. Software Development is a Fixed Process

The majority of people believe that software development is the same as building a house from scratch. The developers just need to stick to the plan. But, it's not true. Each project is unique. Even requirements can change during software development. Moreover, new concepts and insights can come up every single day.

4. Waterfall Methodology is the Best Way to Build Software

The waterfall methodology, a traditional software development approach, involves accomplishing all the phases of a project including requirement gathering and design before moving toward the implementation phase. But, the waterfall methodology is no longer considered as the best approach to develop software as it can cause delays and cost overruns. The main problem with the waterfall methodology is that it is impossible to specify every single detail before you start creating software. The waterfall method is, undoubtedly, an inefficient approach to build software. 

Now, agile methodology is preferred over waterfall methodology. It is considered as the best approach to create software. This methodology is more flexible as it allows web developers to make changes and adjustments efficiently. Agile methodology has become the best approach for creating software in the development industry. Some people have a myth that agile methodology needs some sort of planning. The thing is that every software development method requires planning. The only difference between the waterfall and agile method is how the planning is done to develop software.

5. In-House Development Team is Better Than Outsourcing Team

Another common myth about software development is that it is better to hire an in-house developer than to hire a company offering custom software development company. The majority of people believe that the outsourcing team will not work dedicatedly compared to the team working in the company. In reality, this is just a misconception. 

The truth is that outsourcing software development companies provide you with transparent solutions. Another thing that makes the outsourcing model better as you get a wide pool of talents to help you with the best possible solutions.

6. Writing Code is the Only Task Programmers Handle

It is just a myth created by someone who hasn’t spent time on programming. Building software is far more complex. To create high-performance software, software developers need to gain basic domain knowledge as they will do much more than just writing plain code. Being a developer, you need to understand that programming is a lot more than just writing code.

7. Programming Don't Know How Businesses Work

Most people believe that programmers don't know how businesses work. In reality, this is not true. Business owners need to understand that their development strategy will help them reach a new level of success. They should communicate with developers to understand how software is developed. 

Software development is a logical process that may take longer than you expect. So, you need to hire technical consultants who understand your business to make your project successful. Let's take an example if a software developer is going to create restaurant POS software but he doesn't know how it works in the restaurant, he can't develop it. So, here you need experienced consultants that provides advice to understand business and then start creating the software according to the business.


We have discussed some of the most common myths about software development in this article. The best way to dispel these myths is to be more practical and communicate directly with the software development team to see how developers build software from scratch. 

Remember, there are other professionals involved in software development too including project managers, product developers, quality assurance specialists, web designers, business analysts, and testers. They need to work together to create high-performance software developers.

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