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Why Service Businesses Need Zuper's Real-Time Location Tracking App for Employees

 With the rise of smartphones and time tracking apps, field employees are more connected today than ever. Location-based services have proven to provide significant benefits for businesses like yours. Zuper's real-time location tracking app for field employees enables businesses like yours to take action on data from field employees that was impossible before.


Service businesses are often comprised of multiple field service technicians and trucks. They're scattered throughout a specific geographic region for hours to days at a time. In some cases, they can cover hundreds of miles in just one day. Unless you're following them with your eyes, you won't know where they are at any time. So, this is where Zuper comes in handy. This smart field service software tech could change things for the better for your company, especially if you run a complex operation with several services or on a multi-state level. 

Zuper is a top-rated field service management software solution that offers an incredible real-time location tracking app for field teams. The app allows you to live track your team members, collect rich information with location data and geo-tag events, create geofences around work orders, optimize routes and generate smart alerts to customers.

Zuper's cloud-based field service management platform enables businesses to manage their entire team out on the field. It helps them ensure that their employees are doing what they're supposed to do.

Live Tracking of Teams

With Zuper's real-time location tracking app, you can easily track where your field team is, how long they've been there, and how many miles they've driven. You can even set up geofences for specific areas, so you're notified when someone crosses into or out of that zone. This way, if a worker has been delayed at an appointment, you'll know what's happening before it becomes an issue.

Collect Rich Information with Location Data

With Zuper's GPS tracking solution, you'll be able to collect even more valuable data than just the location of your employees. For example, you could send an employee out on a delivery to a specific address but then find out later that the customer wasn't home, and no one was expecting them. You could contact your driver directly and ask why they went to that address without confirmation.

Geo-Tagging Events

One of the essential parts of any service business is scheduling appointments. With Zuper, you can instantly send out event invitations with custom maps and directions for each appointment. This way, your customers can easily see where their meeting is located and how to get there.

Geo-Fencing of Work Orders

Another excellent feature for service businesses is Geo-Fencing of work orders, which allows you to automatically alert your employees when they get close to an order location. This means no more lost time or wasted gas driving around town looking for a job site! It also allows you to track the progress of orders while they're in progress, so you know exactly when they're completed and ready for pickup by the customer!

Optimized Routes

The field service app's optimized routes feature lets you set up a route for every employee. The app will automatically calculate the most efficient route for each employee based on their current location, allowing you to save time and money by reducing travel time between jobs.

Smart Alerts to Customers

Zuper’s field service management app also allows your business to send alerts to customers when they arrive at their destination by using our Smart Alerts feature. Customers can also use this feature to request service from your service team, so they can get on with other tasks while waiting for someone to arrive.

The first-class, out-of-the-box capabilities of Zuper enable organizations to offer personalized, on-demand services to their customers. Zuper will ensure your success with white-glove, personalized service, and support.

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