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Ties For Men: Different Types of Necktie Patterns For Business Suits

 Neckties have always been an important part of the men’s fashion world. Over the years, the popularity of ties has increased. Today ties are a mandatory part of the dress code for various professions. These days men prefer to wear neckties to many events, including business, formal, semi-formal, and casual. 

Ties For Men

A tie can instantly upgrade your overall outfit look and make your appearance more polished. Nowadays, you can find neckties for men in every color, print, and design. You can match the tie with the rest of the outfit to show your individuality and class.  

Whether you want to wear a tie for a black tie event or work every day, there are ties for men available in various patterns. With the right tie pattern, you can transform your outfit from plain and boring to stunning, which looks more appropriate and suitable for a particular event and occasion. However, with so many options and different types of mens ties, sometimes it’s a bit confusing to figure out which tie to wear with which outfits or events

Are you looking for a tie that complements your existing clothes? Or want to add some new mens neckties to your tie collection? If yes, keep reading! 

Today in this blog, we’ve made a list of various types of tie patterns. From solids and printed ties to polka dot and knit ties, we’ve included some of the best and most trendy neckties for men. So, keep reading till the end and find the best tie for you.

Let’s get started.   

1. Solid Ties

The first tie pattern most commonly worn by people is solid neckties. They’re the most versatile and functional ties. Unlike other pattern ties, where you have to know basic pattern mixing and matching, you can wear solid ties without any knowledge. Some of the popular solid tie color options are dark blue, black, burgundy and ivory. 

2. Striped Ties

Striped ties for men will be best if you’re looking for a tie for formal settings. There are many types of stripped pattern ties available in the market, such as 

• British Regimental Stripes 

• Repp Striped Tie 

• University Striped Tie 

• American Regimental Stripes

3. Foulard Ties 

One tie pattern that works in every situation is the foulard pattern. You can wear this necktie from business meetings to formal occasions and even less formal settings at numerous events.  

This tie pattern has a small repeated print. The pattern usually entails diamonds, dots, flowers, and geometric shapes. Due to their versatility and use, every man should at least own a one foulard tie in his closet.  


4. Polka Dot Ties 

This tie pattern consists of a wide range of repeated filled circles. These neckties for men are appropriate for daily office wear, a wedding, or a less formal event! You can pair them with a solid, checkered or striped shirt. Make sure that the color of the dots matches your shirt's color.    

You can also wear polka dot ties for men at special occasions like weddings. For a spring or summer wedding, go with lilac or blue polka dot silk necktie; for a fall or winter wedding, mustard yellow or green colors will be fine! 

5. Plaid Ties 

In the last few years, the check patterns in mens ties have immensely increased. This tie pattern has multiple overlaid stripes in various widths, forming a classic checkered pattern. You can pair a plaid tie in less formal or casual settings. These ties for men are most wearable in warmer months. However, you can also style these neckties for men in the winter months by wearing a solid-colored blazer.   

6. Paisley Ties 

From the 18th to 19th centuries, paisley tie patterns have become popular. This tie pattern has a tear-drop shape, and its origin was dated back to the 16th century. Initially, this pattern was the major textile motif in Persia. It was used to decorate royal and religious garments.  

Today, you can wear paisley ties at less formal events or casual business settings. Nowadays, this tie for man has become an essential and trendy accessory in weddings, receptions, or dinner parties. 

7. Novelty Ties

Novelty ties are unique and personalized. That’s why they’re specifically made to fit every mood and occasion. These ties for men look extremely stylish and trendy. From sports team and animal prints to floral designs, novelty ties come in so many different prints. You can wear these ties to casual events to show your personality's fun and creative side. So if you don’t have any novelty ties in your tie collection, add some! 

8. Knit Ties

Knit ties always come back after going out of fashion for some time. So, you can have one knit tie in your closet. As compared to woven ties, knit ties are larger and bulkier. These ties for men have a visibly bumpy texture or gaps in the fabric.

This tie comes in a wide range of prints, colors, and patterns to select from. You can go with polka dot, striped to solid colored ones. These ties make a strong statement that will make a great impression.

9. Pin Dot Ties 

This necktie has tiny repeating dots all over it. The pin dor neckties for men look best with widely striped shirts or solid shirts. These ties create a fantastic contrasting look, making your overall appearance look more classy and elegant. These ties can be worn in daily work settings or for less formal occasions. 

10. Floral Ties

Try floral ties for men if you want to add extra boldness to your outfit. Floral ties are classic patterns; that’s why you should have these ties in your wardrobe. Whether you’re going to attend a wedding, dinner date, or any other special occasion, you can’t go wrong with a floral tie. 

The Bottom Line

So these are the top ten different types of mens tie patterns. These neckties for mencome in different widths and materials. So select the tie and tie pattern according to the various occasions and events. 

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