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How Mobile Apps Can Revolutionize Small Business Efficiency

 Billions of internet users worldwide use mobile devices to stay connected, informed, and educated. Most business owners use smartphones to carry out tasks like reading emails or selling their products and services online. 

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However, not all entrepreneurs know how to leverage mobile apps for business. According to the United States Chamber of Commerce, about 73% of small businesses don't learn about technology tools, including online store platforms, productivity tools, digital marketing, and online payment channels. This is a pity since organizations these days can achieve so many things with the right technology at their disposal. (1)

Be that as it may, it's not too late for these enterprises to start learning. In this article, you'll discover how mobile apps can help your small business improve its efficiency. 

• Mobile apps save businesses time

Service companies rely on their technicians to drive revenues. Thanks to mobile apps, office staff can monitor, communicate, and dispatch field workers by accessing real-time information on the latter's whereabouts. Besides timely dispatching, mobile apps like Jobber’s business management tool can also help small companies increase their efficiency by integrating other core functions, such as customer relationship management, invoicing, and other follow-up types. (2)

With a comprehensive app, you and your staff are freed from performing time-consuming and repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on revenue-generating tasks. Additionally, mobile apps with integrated online payment channels provide convenience both ways. On the one hand, small enterprises don't need to arrange actual visits for collections and follow-ups. On the other hand, customers can easily link their payment details and send payments.      

• Mobile apps reduce costs  

Because some business processes take shorter periods to finish and face-to-face transactions are no longer the only options, organizations not only save time. Mobile apps can help minimize overhead expenses by skipping the need for fuel and printing materials. For instance, this drywall estimating software allows you and your staff to customize entries before sending them to your clients via email. You don't need to print it out and hand-deliver it to prospects. (2) (3)   

• Enhance communication and collaboration

Even if you have less than five employees, you'll need communication and collaboration tools that allow for the timely exchange of information. Mobile business apps can double your database management system, where you can securely keep and share business information. Doing this is especially important for small service contracting businesses that rely on field employees to deliver services and represent the company. (2)

These platforms can boost team members' productivity and ensure smooth project implementation. In cases of snags, the team can work swiftly to resolve any issue, helping your team finish projects on time. Digital apps ensure all members are on the same page and can be used to make onboarding and training exercises easier.    

• Make customer service fast and easy 

Customer service is essential in building a brand reputation and running a viable business. Organizations won't make money without a market to sell their offers to. One way to ensure client loyalty is to provide the best customer experience. Live agents aren't your only option for answering client concerns these days. Apart from instant messaging and a one-click-call button, other resources like troubleshooting tips and a frequently asked questions page can be integrated into mobile apps to allow self-service.   

• Minimize human errors

An entrepreneur wears many hats, and so do most of the staff in any small business. When they become exhausted, business operations are bound to be negatively affected. Your business can avoid costly mistakes with mobile apps because you don't have to perform tasks manually. This is especially crucial when performing accounting tasks or preparing client shipments. Mobile apps can take the burden off by automating calculations, shipment labeling, and other business processes. (2)   

• Apps can boost marketing efforts

Digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), alongside other tools, aim to increase digital visibility, brand awareness, recognition, and authority. Mobile apps can enhance a business's advertising campaigns by offering personalized marketing and sales offers. 

With these apps, businesses can convey straightforward messages about their products and services to the right people using the proper channels. Mobile apps can also link your online marketing content links and other valuable resources. (2)

• They help customize sales campaigns 

With customized campaigns, users are more likely to engage with your company and push through with the purchase. For instance, your mobile app can be configured to send notifications such as discounts and upcoming sales. You can also send reminders to users who may have left some of your products in their cart in the case of online shopping apps.    

• Mobile apps make consumer data gathering more reliable 

Targeted marketing and sales campaigns can only be possible by gathering enough client insights. Surveys can help businesses achieve this, but conducting surveys can be a time-consuming exercise. Additionally, mobile apps often have integrated data analytics, allowing your business to gather more reliable consumer preferences and behavior data.      

Key takeaway

Organizations can use mobile apps to make their operations more efficient especially in saving time, costs, and effort. With mobile apps, companies can amplify sales and marketing efforts, boost online visibility, and provide impeccable customer service. Whatever your business goals may be, getting the right mobile apps could help you achieve them.   

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