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How Do You Stay On Top of Web Design Technology?

 Your website plays a vital role in propping your online presence and revenue. But, there are rapid changes in web design technology. These changes, like serverless architecture, aim to improve the website’s performance and user experience. 

Web Design Technology

You may need to upgrade to the latest trends to maintain your website's optimum performance.  

Also, some of these changes can reduce the cost of running your website. But, you need to understand these website design technology changes to stay abreast.  

What is Web Design Technology

Website design technology refers to any technology that develops and supports any website's user experience. It includes the user experience aspects of the website and not the software development part. 

The advances in software technology, like serverless architecture, reduce website loading time, thus enhancing user experience. 

These advances in web design technology ensure maximum website performance, user experience, and security. So, how do you stay on top of the ever-changing web design technology? Read along and find out. 

1. Network With Web Designers to Get the Latest Trends 

Be where the action is. It is hard to miss the latest juice if you’re part of the network circles of thought leaders in web design. You should follow major web design conferences like the annual Design Thinking Virtual Experience. It brings thought leaders in web design and beyond together to discuss current issues in the field. 

Also, you should follow web design internet forums for the latest trends. Use the #webdesign across social platforms to check out the latest trends. But, you may be too busy to keep tabs on everyone and every event happening in the web design world.

Maxburst, a web design agency in New York, states that you can save time by working with a top web design company that keeps up with the trends. However, certain significant trends are changing web design as we know it. So, you should know them and understand how they impact your website. 

2. Single Page Applications (SPA)

The single-page application (SPA) is a revolutionary development architecture. It also improves website performance by reducing load times. The SPAs load a single HTML page and dynamically update the content appropriately as needed without refreshing the page. 

SPAs have a wide adoption within the development community. It uses less space on servers and offers information to users without unnecessary navigation. So, it enhances user experience, and developers can not afford to miss it. 

As the high-speed 5G network picks traction worldwide, consumers expect a faster and simplified app experience. So, expect the trend to continue past 2022, and you should be part of it too. 

3. AI Chatbots 

About 70% of users prefer using chatbots because they help speed up their requests. The AI chatbots are conversational widgets that act as 24/7 customer support to your website visitors. 

Advances in AI conversational chatbots allow them to take advanced roles like invoice tracking and payment details. So, you leverage them to drive personalized customer experience and interact with users using text or voice.  

4. Serverless Architechture 


serveless architecture

Another incredible technology in web development that enhances performance and saves costs is serverless architecture. Serverless architecture is a unique software design approach. It allows developers to create and run services without handling the underlying infrastructure. 

The serverless technology reduces system overloading and the cost of development. It runs on the cloud, so you can run any service without administration. No need for server upgrading, provisioning, or managing. Amazon and Microsoft provide and use serverless architecture

The world serverless architecture market value will grow from $7 billion to $21 billion in 2025. That means the technology will gain more traction in the future. So, you should adopt it to enhance your website speed and reduce maintenance costs. 

5. Accelerated Mobile Pages 

Another incredible web technology is the accelerated mobile pages (AMP). Google developed AMP in 2015 to drive high-speed digital experience to mobile users. It reduces bounce rates and increases user experience. But it can also increase conversations on your web pages. 

In fact, over 30% of websites use AMP on their websites. And with 55% of global internet traffic coming from mobile devices, AMP is crucial now and in the future. So, you can enhance your mobile experience through AMP technology in your website design. 

6. Animated User Interface (UI)

If you think website users only care about speed and mobile-friendly experience, you are mistaken. Rich and highly interactive experiences are just as vital. Motion user interface (UI) front-end driving responsive website development. 

An animated user interface allows you to make website elements slide, spin, transition, bounce, and more. The Syntically Awesome Style Sheets (SASS), a CSS extension, has incredible features that allow you to enrich your website with an animated user interface. 

Animated UI is applicable in any part of the web page, from header to footer. And SASS libraries are driving wider adoption to drive enhanced interactive experience. Talk to your website designing agency to audit your website and improve its interactive experience using animated UI. 

7. Voice Search Optimization 

voice search recognition

Over 70% of people prefer using voice search over texting. For perspective, over 40% of the US population uses voice search. That means more people are embracing voice search and will continue to increase in the future. What Alexas and Siri pioneered is revolutionizing how people conduct searches. 

That means you risk being undiscoverable if you fail to optimize your website for voice search. Even Google search now has voiced-powered search. Hence, most websites are iterating to optimize for voice search. You should follow suit. 

Final Takeaway

Web design technology is dynamic, and you must keep up because your website is an essential asset in an increasingly digital world. You can follow the latest trends by networking with the key players in the field. 

Modern websites use SPA, AMP, and AI chatbots technologies to drive faster performance and experiences. Also, they use animated UI and voice search optimization to enhance user interactive experience.  

AI chatbots and SPAs also reduce the cost of maintaining your website. There will be no need for human agents to answer user queries on the site if you have an AI chatbot. 

These changes will continue as web design technology advances more. It can be overwhelming to keep tabs on every change. A competent professional web design company can upgrade your website based on the latest trends. 

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