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5 Courses To Become An Abroad Teacher

 Being an abroad teacher to meet your finances is not as easy as it sounds. But this doesn't mean that the dream is impossible. 

In order to achieve this goal, you have to attend some teaching courses or even language lessons. Although the process might take up a lot of your time, its fruit will surely be worthwhile.


Abroad Teacher

Teaching overseas can be a life-changing experience for many. But to do so, you need to have the right qualifications or teacher credits. You must have sufficient graduate credit for teachers and a lot of relevant experience in teaching.

Aside from being passionate, you also need to be prepared to get a teaching job abroad. But what are the right preparations that you need?

This guide will tell you everything you need to know for this fantastic adventure. If you are thinking about teaching in a foreign country this year, read on!

Who Can Teach Abroad?

Teaching abroad is an excellent opportunity for many people as you can get more extra bucks as compared to your country. It will also allow you to grow as an educator as you experience new things and cultures. 

To be an educator overseas, one must be:

● College Graduate

Teaching in a foreign country is an excellent way for recent college graduates to see the world and get a great paycheck for their job. Foreign students can take up part-time teaching jobs to:

● Polish there skills

● Earn some income

● Build up their resume

● Experienced or Trained Teacher

If you’re an experienced teacher, you can easily flaunt your resume and prove that you are the one they are looking for. However, for fresh graduates, completing online courses for teachers to fill the gaps in your current skill set will be helpful in your application. 

These advancement courses can also be designed in accordance with the latest curriculum of the intended country you want to move to. Teaching abroad will give you valuable insight into different educational systems. You will also learn new teaching techniques by going through these credit courses for teachers.

Criteria for Applying Abroad

There are some basic criteria you need to fulfill before applying for a teaching program abroad. Let's discuss them in detail below:

● A Bachelor's Degree

Some international schools may want teachers with a license to teach specific subjects. But someone who has a bachelor's degree in any field can be hired as an English language teacher.

● Strong English Language Skills

It's easy for a native speaker to prove their skills. But if you are not a native speaker, don't worry! You can still prove your skills. 

There are different requirements for different countries and programs. If you are a non-native speaker, doing a TEFL course can help show that you have the skills to teach English in the best possible way.

You can also take an online teaching course or some advancement courses to boost your chances.

● TEFL Qualification

A TEFL qualification is essential for people who want to teach abroad. A TEFL certification is a great way to show that you are confident in your teaching skills and that you are ready to share your knowledge. It can also be helpful when applying for future jobs.

Best Online Teaching Courses Abroad

In many countries, there is a high demand for teachers. Some of the best countries to teach in are UAE, China, Japan, South Korea, etc. So, if you ever plan to go abroad in search of a teaching job, make sure your resume entails all the skills and requirements set by that particular country.

Below are some of the best online classes for teachers:

1. Teaching Courses Offered by Gulf Countries

If you’re trying your luck to become a teacher in UAE or any gulf country, there are quite a few courses to polish your skills and add more to your current skill set. Some of these include:

● Lesson Planning (offered by AIM Middle East Consulting & Training): It aims at polishing your organizing skills as you try to make the lessons easier for your students. If you like to teach kids in their early years of education, this course may be very helpful. 

● Teachers Administrative Training: If you want to become a professional teacher in UAE, this course gives you an opportunity to certify your teaching skills from the UAE’s Ministry of Education. The course focuses on all areas and skillsets needed to become a professional teacher, including language proficiency, organization skills, using different mediums of communication, presentation skills, etc. 

Some other courses include The Applied Educational Teaching Diploma, Development of Physical Education (advance), Diploma In Early Childhood Care & Education, and others.

To be able to qualify for these programs, you may need to fulfill the basic requirements. For example, to participate in the ASTI Teachers Administrative Training, you need to provide:

● A valid teaching license issued by your country

● CELTA qualification

● A certificate showing an experience of no less than two years  

After successful completion of this course, you will be entitled to avail the following perks:

● Tax-free salary

● Health insurance

● Accommodation

● Round-trip flights to your country

2. AbroadTeaching Courses in Japan

If you’re planning to move to Japan or are looking for a suitable opportunity in the teaching industry, you should look for teaching courses such as The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program. It’s a Japanese government-funded program focused on exchanging talent with other countries. If you happen to live in an English speaking country, you can participate in this particular program to seek the following positions:

● Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)

● Coordinator for International Relations (CIR)

● Sports Exchange Advisor (SEA)

Moreover, in order to avail of other teaching opportunities, you need to undertake different TEFL courses, such as TEFL/TESOL, and CELTA. The good thing is that you can participate online and earn your TEFL certificate to find teaching opportunities in Japan or anywhere in the world.

● If you’re enrolling for an online course, you need to have a high school diploma or GED or equivalent.

●If you’re enrolling for an in-person TEFL course, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement.

● For non-native speakers, proof of English proficiency is a must.

3. Mandatory Teaching Course for South Korea

For English teachers looking to teach abroad, South Korea offers initiated a program called English Program in Korea (EPIK). 

This dual facet program targets English teachers from across the world, providing them with basic knowledge about the locals. On the other hand, it offers the locals the opportunity to improve their English speaking skills.

After enrolling in this program as an English teacher, you have to attend an online orientation course. It’s a basic training of 15 hours that the participant should take before arriving in Korea. 

The basic training is followed by three more training modules that will be provided after arrival.

After completing it, you can find jobs in rural and urban areas. Some benefits for EPIK English teachers include a settlement allowance, subsidized health insurance, and completion bonuses.


Whether you are a non-native or native English speaker, there are many great online teaching course programs and opportunities to teach abroad. 

Whether it is the JET program in Japan, EPIK in South Korea, or CIEE worldwide, there are many great options for anyone who wants to teach and explore new countries. 

In order to find the best online course for teachers, it is essential to do your research and find the right program that fits your needs and interests. We hope this article helps you answer your question.

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