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Voice Search Stats and its Rising Trends in the Digital World!!

Google estimation says that from among 500 million Google Assistant users, Hindi is the language that is running in position 2 amongst the most commonly used language after English. English rule over the digital world.

Users are actively making use of voice assisted technology while dealing with ecommerce sites; we came across stats that 82% of the Smartphone users opt for voice search option as they found this contactless medium more safe after post pandemic and this is the reason that search queries in India are currently growing at 270% per year according to a joint report by Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

By seeing above stats it has been clear now that technology product developers and service providers should match up their footprints with this emerging technology and keep them aware of these latest voice trends.

AI & ML innovations:

Artificial intelligence or in common words we can say human intelligence shown by machines come into existence and gained prominence with emerging Voice search scenario. Understanding the query and exact intent of user sometimes using non English language and provide them the best proven results in SERPS is not as much easy as it seems to but with ML it is not more a typical task anymore.

IoT boom:

People are very much familiar with the voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Bixby and it has now become an intergral part of our fast paced lives. In near future we are expecting more number of smart devices or we can say connecting devices make use voice search feature.

Cloud Computing and Remote access:

In coming year’s voice recognition that has been limited to smart home system is now moving towards the path of cloud computing and this evolving technology have suggested the developers to embed voice-powered intelligence in their applications.

SEO and Content Marketing:

Voice search has now altered the digital world and search engines are now in a mood to revamp their algorithms based upon voice search. Critics argue that voice SEO is of no use and is irrelevant and the reason is here they thought that before submission these voice based searches are turned into text based searches but the reality is somewhat different. Even search engines demand user to optimize for conversational queries.

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