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Difference Between Windows 365 And Windows 11

A computer is only a machine without the Microsoft windows in it, the windows are the graphical operating system that allows you to store files, run software, play games and lets you connect with the Internet.

Microsoft has launched and released various versions of the windows operating system which are also provided at additional costs if you want to have more features on your system.


Microsoft has recently come up with the windows 11 which is regarded as a expansion and upgradation of windows 10. Just after the launch of windows 11, the company has launched the windows 365 which is a subscription based product. But what is the major difference between the two and what are their individual features, we will know about it in the following article.


Windows 11

Windows 11 is the predecessor of windows 10. For almost six years, we all have seen and experienced the UI of windows 10. Windows 11 gives you a smooth performance and it offers a visual treat to the users. Some of the promising features of windows 11 are the widgets and the layouts. 

Since the launch of the windows 11, users are getting more attracted to its feature of running android apps on it. As an user, you can upgrade your windows 10 to windows 11 if your system meets the requirements.

Microsoft regards this version as the more creative and intuitive one, users can easily switch or navigate between a lot of things.

Features of windows 11 :

1) Users are now no more being interrupted with the updates as they will now take place in the background.

2) You can easily access your contacts right from the desktop itself.

3) The layouts and widgets adapt themselves to the size of the screen. Also you can open multiple windows all at once from a chosen layout.


Windows 365

After the launch of the windows 11, Microsoft released the windows 365, which is names as the Windows 365 cloud PC. A user can access it from any device as it is more of a virtual private server. These windows type provides power and security to the users as they can access their desktop virtually from anywhere and there is no specific need of a physical device.

The security risks are lesser as windows 365 provide the surety to the users to easily work from their home premises. The information will still be stored in the cloud as these windows are not limited to a specific physical device.

Features of windows 365 :

• Windows 365 makes it easy for the users to switch between the office mode or home work mode. Managers and entreneupers can easily set up the cloud based services as per the requirements of the company.

• It is also convenient for the users to now work seamlessly as they can anytime sign in from their home if they are working from the home premises.

• The greatest advantage of windows 365 is that it is beneficial for the smaller enterprises to use and take advantage of windows 365.


The major difference between the two is that a user has to install the windows 11 on its system where as windows 365 is a subscription based services which enables you to run windows on any device from the cloud.

Below are some of the key differences one must consider while choosing any one:

• You can buy and install the windows 11. Also, it requires a lot of storage space and RAM to install it whereas the cloud based services so not require any such installation. But definitely, they need a stable internet connection.

• Windows 11 are either pre-installed on your computer or you can install them.  But for windows 365, you need to pay to the Microsoft; you can install any applications on it and save ample amount of data. It’s basically your computer which is streaming on cloud.


These were some of the major differences between Windows 365 & Windows 11, now the choice is in your hands, about which one to choose. Also, it depends upon your requirements, if you want to manage your PC from any device, you can choose windows 365 or if you need to work on a physical device, you can opt for windows 11.

Though it’s a tough choice for the professionals and the businessmen, to figure out as both have their own benefits.

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