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5G Applications Have Fully Exploded, yet Terminal Breakthroughs are yet to be Made

 Science and Technology Daily "Wise Eyes to See 5G"

The book "How to Change the World from 1G to 5G Mobile Communications" is now on sale.

Wang Jianzhou, former chairman of China Mobile and senior consultant of the Global Mobile Communications Association (GSMA), said in an interview with a reporter from Science and Technology Daily: "From 1G to 5G, a book is difficult to accurately record this most exciting technological progress and industry. Common development issues."

Wang Jianzhou said that the 2021 World 5G Conference will be held soon, and he hopes that the industry and outsiders will focus more on the issues that urgently need to be resolved while communicating and discussing 5G construction and application and technological trends.

Chinese companies have made significant contributions to the development of the mobile communications industry

Throughout human history, there has never been a tool as popular as a mobile phone, and there has never been a tool that has such a close relationship with people as a mobile phone.

According to Unshared News: Almost Wang Jianzhou's entire career is related to the mobile communication industry. He is not only a participant in the formulation of relevant mobile communication policies in my country, but also an important promoter of my country's mobile communication industry gaining the right to speak in the world.

Wang Jianzhou introduced that China’s mobile communications started when fixed communications were not yet fully popularized. It only took more than 10 years. China’s mobile communications network scale and number of users have both ranked first in the world. Depth is in a leading position in the world.

Wang Jianzhou said: “In the 1G era, almost all of China’s mobile communication network equipment and terminal equipment need to be imported; in the 5G era, China’s telecom manufacturers and telecom operators actively participate in the formulation of 5G standards, in the development and manufacturing of 5G products. In terms of strength, Chinese companies have made indelible contributions to the development of mobile communications."

It is especially worth remembering that in the 3G era, TD-SCDMA proposed by China was adopted by 3GPP (Third Generation Mobile Communication Partnership Project) and became one of the three major international standards. China's three major telecom operators have adopted three different standards to build 3G networks. Overcoming difficulties such as the immaturity of the industrial chain, China Mobile has also accumulated technical capabilities in the process of building and operating TD-SCDMA networks, promoting TD-LTE to become one of the two major 4G international standards, and realizing China’s leading technology from the edge to the A leap into the mainstream.

Wang Jianzhou particularly emphasized that when talking about achievements and progress, we cannot ignore the key guiding role played by my country's relevant industrial policies.

Wang Jianzhou said: "From 1G to 5G, my country has fully considered the development of the industry, market conditions and consumer needs in the policy formulation process."

Why can't I feel the existence of 5G?

With 5G licensing as a sign, my country has been commercializing 5G for more than two years. Why are consumers still not feeling the existence of 5G?

At present, 5G industry applications have begun to show value. People already feel very deeply about 5G."

Wang Jianzhou emphasized that the development of 5G consumer-level applications must broaden or even change the mindset. If it continues to be trapped in the boundaries of services such as video and location, it will be difficult to stimulate the technical potential of 5G. At best, it will gain a larger "channel". Only upgraded to 4G.

However, the emergence of smart phones has detonated 3G applications. 5G also needs such a flashpoint, I think it is likely to be a terminal."

Wang Jianzhou is optimistic about the Internet of Things. This vast blue ocean is waiting for the industry to open up ideas and discover it.

Wang Jianzhou and a developer discussed the feasibility of using 5G mobile phones to develop guide software or applications to replace guide dogs.

The developer believes that it is possible in theory, but some practical problems are temporarily unsolvable. For example, the camera distance of existing mobile phones is limited, which cannot meet the needs of blind guidance, and the mobile phone needs to be equipped with laser equipment that can support long-distance ranging.

Wang Jianzhou said: “Various innovative ideas have shown us that 5G-based application development cannot be achieved by software-level efforts alone. It also requires the cooperation of multiple parties in the industry chain to crack.”

Science and technology are constantly advancing, and we are all waiting for the arrival of the 5G application explosion point.

Telecom operators are still struggling for transformation

China's telecom operators had a brilliant growth long and Achievements, but they are also subject to controversy. They were once the most powerful part of the industry chain, and they have been seeking transformation.

However, the new growth logic of telecom operators has not yet been clarified, and they have entered the 5G era. Are they going to be trapped in the cycle of combing business models forever?

Wang Jianzhou said: "From 1G to 5G, my country's telecom operators have made very large contributions. Transformation is a topic that has been discussed for a long time and is a common challenge for global telecom operators."

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