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Savestory: How To Download Instagram Stories For Free Using Savestory

 Here in this article we at Techy Gossips will let you know how you can download Instagram stories and highlights For Free Using Savestory.  Surely you might be thinking how to download your favorite Instagram stories and Highlights that are pretty much eye catching and attracting your soul but don’t know from where to download whether you are required to pay for that or for free you can download your favorite Instagram Stories then you have came on the right track. 

We will let you know how you can download Instagram stories and highlights using savestory net.


Know About Savestory?

Savestory is the free tool by using which you can download your favorite Instagram stories within seconds without taking out single penny out of your pocket that means you can use Savestory functionalities that to be free of cost.

Savestory is getting somewhat about 6 million of traffic which simply means it is making $1000 per month from Adsense.

How To Download Instagram Stories Using Savestory?

• Follow the below steps if you really want to download your favorite Instagram stories using Savestory

• Firstly you are required to visit Savestory official website.

• Thereafter you can select the link of your favorite story or highlights that you want to download and copy it.

• You are now required to paste that copied link in input box and simply click on download option.

• After you press download button your downloading process will automatically starts.

Working of Savestory Website

Savestory works by making use of Instagram API that helps them to extract data of that social media platform. All tools available in the market follow the same thumb of rule and they use some sort of scripts at the backend of their website.

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Features of Savestory

Some of the important features of Savestory are listed below:

- Grab Image from recorded video

- Trim Video

- Works on chat screen

- Record video with audio

- No login/registration required

- Simple and easy to use

 Works on non - rooted devices

- No notification when screenshot is captured

- Continuous screenshotting

- Screenshot/Screenrecording working simultaneously

- Pause & Resume recording

- Super Fast

- HQ Recording

- Audio recording

- Record Internal Audio (Android 10+)

Frequently Asked Questions: Savestory

How much traffic Savestory is really getting per month?

As per the similarweb data Savestory is getting 6.50 million users per month.

What is the source of Income for Savestory?

Savestory website is earning well from Google Adsense and is roughly making $1000 per month.

Why Savestory website is very popular nowdays?

There are low many reasons why savestory is very poplular nowdays that is has been gaining around 6.50 million users each month

 Low competition keywords

 Great website look and feel

 Easy to use the tool

 Satisfying the needs of customers

What will be the top searched keywords in Savestory?

You can use the below strings to search savestory

  • savestory
  • savestory instagram
  • savestory for instagram
  • savestory apk
  • savestory net
  • instagram savestory
  • insta savestory
  • savestory insta
  • savestory download
  • savestory app
  • savestory ig
  • savestory. Net

Is it safe to download Instagram stories and Highlights using Savestory?

This tool is completely legal so you can easily download your favorite Instagram stories and Highlights using Savestory.


We have covered each and every bit of information about Savestory so waiting for what use the tool now and save from favorite Instagram stories and highlights within seconds that to be free of cost. If we have missed out any information regarding Savestory then feel free to mention that in comment section below. 

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