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AdX vs AdSense: Which Will Make You More Money?

 Are you confused over choosing the right monetization tool be it Google AdExchange or Google AdSense? Both AdX and AdSense are operated by Google. In this post, we will analyze both these advertising platforms and break down which platform is best suited for monetizing your website.

AdX vs AdSense

 What is Google AdX?

DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a programmatic real-time bidding exchange with many players, including SSPs, DSPs, and various advertising networks (AdSense included!). This ad management platform was founded in 1996 and later acquired by Google after 12 years. As your experience and traffic improve in the advertising technology industry, you may be invited to join the elite club of AdX. 


1. It works best for publishers with higher revenues $1,000+ and higher pageviews 500,000+ who require more customization and control over their ad setups.

2. More leverage as you can directly sell and access more demand sources for your ad space.

3. Connect with customers from Google Ads in the publishers’ marketplace.

4. Allows private auctions and bidders from several ad networks, DSPs and GDN are allowed.

5. Ideal Audience: Publishers with tier 1 traffic IE North America/Europe that have ideal user attributes. IE Finance, Auto, Health attract higher bids through AdX.

You can access AdX using a Google Ad Manager account. Publishers can monetize more of their ad space and favor advertisers who are willing to pay more while managing over who can advertise on their platform. Just make sure you keep the floor price not too high compared to your rivals as it can depreciate your overall earnings. No one wants that!

Google AdSense

Google AdSense which was launched around 2003 is the one-stop shop for publishers that automates matching display ads (image, video, etc.) and helps monetize your site and mobile In-Appsbased on your niche and audience type. AdSense constitutes ads derived from search engine results, Google Display Network (GDN), Google products.


1. Easy Setup process and multiple ad types to choose from.

2. It barely requires any interference from the webmaster to run smoothly after setup.

3. Your ad units usually never turn up vacant (95-99% fill rate).

4. Only GDN advertisers bid for ad space (Safe & Transparent)

5. Ideal User: Publishers with less than 250K page views.

Also, you can place ads on multiple websites with a single account. With AdSense, Google buys all the ad inventory from publishers and prices it according to advertisers' bids for each ad. The RPM depends on Google's algorithm. You don't have enough control over setting the floor price for ads running on your site.

Popularity Face-Off: Google AdSense or Google AdX

As seen in the Google Trends stats below, Google AdSense is more talked about:

Google AdSense or Google AdX

So, who’s more popular here?  Google AdSense takes the win as it is a free service and is talked about more on social media platforms (YouTube is flooded with “How to make money on AdSense” videos). AdSense is relatively easier to use without much knowledge or expertise for publishers who are just starting out and haven't reached over 100,000 page views. 

Over 11 million websites globally are using AdSense and getting their pay-checks out of it. Since 2004, publishers have been making money from AdSense but is it more lucrative than Ad Exchange? Find out which platform generates more revenue below.

 Money from AdX vs Money from AdSense

Let's get to the main debacle here. Which platform gets me the dollars? AdX takes you to another level if you are a reputed publisher who is familiar with advertising technology and have a bigger budget compared to small and medium-sized publishers. You have more power over customizing the floor price and have access to a larger inventory globally.

AdSense allows up to 3 ad units per page only, while AdX permits up to 5 ad units. You can raise RPMs greatly by adding more than four ad units per page. AdX scores a point here since it doesn’t have ad space limits like AdSense. AdX publishers get to keep a bigger portion of the revenue (68%) than AdSense Publishers (50%) and have more free will. 

The stats below show how Google AdExchange beats Google AdSense when it comes to revenue generation: (Overall, sources claimed 30% ad revenue hike with AdX)

AdX vs AdSense

Final Face-Off 

Now that we’ve thoroughly done the heavy lifting for you, let's pick a winner. While AdSense is the people’s choice as newbie publishers can make decent money out of it; AdX is the holy grail for advanced publishers who have a reputation in the advertising technology industry.  

Overall, AdX is a rewarding ad network for advertisers and publishers if you invest more time and attention in it. 

With Ad Exchange, you have an exclusive advantage over average publishers with better offers and more control over advertisers globally. It does come with a bit more technical hurdles but works well with your long-term revenue-boosting AdX strategy.

Still, wondering which route to choose?

Join AdX and get access to premium advertiser demand and advanced features by signing up to MonetizeMore today.

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