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Top Amazing Ways To Make Money Using Facebook Gaming Live Stream

 These days gaming has become more than just a hobby. In fact, anybody can make money from Facebook Gaming live stream. While you use Facebook Gaming, it will let the viewers watch all kinds of game streaming there. As a result, this platform is quite popular among streamers. And the good news is that you will be able to earn money using Facebook Gaming Live Stream.

Facebook Gaming Live Stream

This article will cover the top 7 effective ways to earn money via Facebook Gaming live stream. So without further delay, let's start with the guide.

1. Facebook Gaming Stars

Like bits are to Twitch, Stars are the same for Facebook Gaming. They are basically the currency that is used for supporting the platform in a fun way. If you want to use the stars, you will need to buy them first using the Facebook platform. However, you need to buy them at a higher price than what it will be worth to the streamers.

Keep in mind that each start is equivalent to $0.1 USD and once the streamer reaches $100, they will be paid.

2. Donations

Viewers are not allowed to make any kind of traditional donations using Facebook. But, the streamers are allowed to set up a donation system using any sort of reliable third-party program.

They must be compatible with Facebook Gaming and donations gained via that software will then get registered on the stream's alert system. You will find several popular donation platforms that are used by content creators, namely- Patreon and Streamlabs.

3. Facebook Gaming Supporters

So what are these Facebook Gaming supporters? Well! They are the viewers who are going to subscribe to the channel via streamer's Facebook Gaming page. The subscription costs around $4.99 per month, but it can be canceled at any point in time.

In order for supporting the channel, all the loyal fans will be receiving some incentives such as:

• Exclusive content- There are several streamers who will be posting amazing posts just for the supporters. And it might include images, polls, or videos. There are certain streamers who will broadcast live occasionally just for their supporters.

• Supporter Group- It is an online group that is created specifically for people who support the streamer.

• Supporter Badge- This is a badge that will be shown right next to your name as a viewer while you comment on the same.

• Custom Stickers- These are quite similar to the emojis on any other platform. They are especially unique for all the streamers and you can use them on the channels.

Apart from all of these incentives, being streamers you will be able to offer special giveaway chances and discord channels.

Facebook Gaming Live Stream

4. Affiliate Marketing

Talking about how you can make money via Facebook gaming live stream, then affiliate marketing is one effective method. In case, there is a product that you mostly converse about almost all the time or you use while you are streaming, then write all of those in the description section on your page.

There you will be able to add all the affiliate links to the products. And then if your followers make a decision of what they want to buy, then they might purchase an item using your link. As a result, you will be able to get a good commission.

5. Sponsorship Opportunities

If you have built up a solid follower base, then you can now look out for sponsorship opportunities. There are several sponsors who are willing to work with even smaller streamers. However, the basic requirement is to have good quality content and ardent followers.

While you reach out to sponsors, you will need to keep in mind that you work with companies whom you like and the products you will be proud to represent.

When you will be working with sponsors, it is suggested that you get another opinion from an expert streamer. They will be able to give you the best suggestions and will let you know whether sponsors are offering you the best deal or taking advantage. There are many ways that are working to gain fan following but if you want to make your FB gaming live popular you should get Fb live stream viewers from social marketing services, using such services will help you to get sponsors for your gaming page or stream. Many pages using paid services to gain numbers for their live streams.

6. Custom Merch

Being a Facebook Gaming Streamer, you will be able to promote your products while streaming or even as a part of your Facebook Page's description. In case, you are having a streaming website of your own, you can promote your merchandise there too.

7. Special Services Offered to Other Streamers

There are several streamers who can earn a side income just by helping out other good content creators that too in specialized areas. It is always a great idea to help out someone who is looking to get more skilled and that way you can get a stronger brand or even a channel. Here we have mentioned some of the popular ways that streamers use to help beginners to earn.

• Content Coach

• Branding and Graphics

• Video Editing

• Trouble Shooting Support

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Final Talk

If you want to earn money using Facebook Gaming stream, then there are plenty of other options. Improving your content will fetch you more followers and eventually, you will have better and more effective options to earn more money. However, if you want to start off with the earnings, then you can start following all these methods mentioned here.

All of them are equally potential for letting you earn money using Facebook Gaming Live Stream. If you are still confused and don't know what to do, then you can comment down below with your queries, and we will be happy to help you out.

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