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How to Get More Likes On Instagram and Why Is It Important?

 Instagram has over 700 million people on its platform. With this vast ever-growing community and thriving competitions in all niches and genres of content, it is getting harder to get attention and popularity among the audience. 

More Likes on Instagram

Likes are a part of the Instagram algorithm and are important to take into account when you are posting pictures. In May 2021, Instagram came up with the feature to hide the like counts. This step was taken to ensure that the likes do not hamper the mental health of its users and people are not obsessed with the notion that more likes are equal to more popularity. 

Some people may think that the importance of likes has been reduced or it will not hamper their reach in any way. But, the effects of likes will still be seen in the analytics whether the likes are hidden or not. They still matter. So, it is important to look at ways to get mega-famous with the help of quality instagram likes. The quality of Instagram likes will lead to an increase in the reach among the people and will also build more potential followers.

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Here are some tips that you may need to get more likes on Instagram.

Why Are Likes on Your Posts Important?

How to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Posts

Source: Instagram

So, the crucial question that arises is why are likes on your posts important? 

Likes in other words are the currency of Instagram. When you get a like on a post, it compels Instagram to share it with more people. Therefore, the more is merrier in this case. 

The higher amount of likes offers new exposure and reach for your upcoming posts. With higher reach, the chances of increasing the followers' rises

Liking a post captures more traffic. When a user likes a post or work, they will likely open the profile to check out the account. Thus, it helps, in the long run, to catch new eyes on your account. 

How to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Posts?

Below are the top 9 ways in which you can gain more likes on your Instagram posts.

1. Share High-Definition Pictures 

Share High-Definition Pictures

Source: Unsplash

The first step starts with the right image. Analyze your old pictures posted and constitute a strategy based on them. A post comprises illustrated/designed images and photos. Do not over-edit your photos and keep the authenticity intact. 

Always click at an adequately lit place, with a clear background. 

When posting graphics, make sure to overcrowd it by using multiple colors and fonts. 

2. Write Interactive Captions

Write Interactive Captions

Source: Unsplash

The captions should be compelling for your audience. A great caption adds to the personality and context of the post. The caption should add value, be engaging and encourage followers to take call-to-action. 

Ask questions, boost people to tag their friends. Avoid using single-sentence or one-word captions. Add value to your post by offering suggestions, advice, tips, and tricks and even sharing a story

3. Use a Call-To-Action

Use a Call-To-Action

Source: Unsplash

You should be proud of your posts and should never withdraw from this step. Use lines such as "Tag your friend if you agree,", "Like this post if you agree." This directs the followers to take the step after watching the post. You should be concise and clear with your statement if you want them to do the necessary actions.

Keep the call to action simple and include it at the end of the caption. 

4. Add a Location to Your Post

Add a location to your post

Source: Unsplash

Always remember to add the location to your posts. This makes a huge difference as it allows easy navigation and high chances of being visible by your potential followers. Put locations that you think your potential followers will be interested in. 

You need not be in the location where to post from, hence it is a great opportunity to use this tool wisely to increase your reach and gain potential leads. 

5. Engage With Your Audience Regularly 

Engage With Your Audience Regularly

Source: Unsplash

Engaging with your audience makes you visible among them. When you show genuine interest and liking towards somebody's work and offer honest appreciation, it may end up positively for you, by getting a few likes back or even a new follower. As per Instagram, the more you engage with your audience, the more real and positive relationships you will be able to form with them.

Hence, always engage for an hour to two with your followers.

6. Cheer People to Tag a Friend

Cheer People to Tag a Friend

Source: Unsplash

If you want to get more likes, you should create contents that are easy to share so it can be seen by many people. Use simple calls to action to boost people to tag people they know. 

This way you are more likely to get more likes by reaching out to more people. This adds value to your account. 

7. Tag Related Users in Your Posts

Tag Related Users in Your Posts

Source: Unsplash

You can tag relevant accounts in your posts or even give them a shout-out. This allows you to grab their attention and the attention of their audience. Sometimes the accounts may even leave alike. 

Your posts will also appear in the tagged posts section depending on their settings. 

Therefore, make sure to tag the accounts that are related to your posts and your niche to enjoy the maximum results. 

8. Use Right Hashtags 

Use Right Hashtags

Source: Unsplash

Hashtags play an important role. Always make sure to use relevant and unique hashtags. Do not use repetitive or spammy hashtags as it will reduce your reach in the long run. 

Use 5-7 hashtags related to your posts. When your posts will reach the right audience, your chances of getting a like will ultimately increase and help you grow. 

9. Contact MegaFamous

If you want to quickly gain new followers or likes or views on your content, you can contact MegaFamous. With their simple pricing, and real likes and followers, you are surely going to get a step closer to achieving your desired like count.



Source: Unsplash

These 9 tips offer the right strategy and mindset you need to help you get more likes on Instagram. We know how important likes are for any posts, using these tips you can ensure that your page exposure and liking increase in the long run, and you can attract more potential customers and followers. Draft a strategy based on the tips provided to get more likes on Instagram.

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