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Private Story Names for Snapchat [Funny, Creative, Good]

 If you are wondering for wonderful, cool and creative private story names for Snapchat then you have come to the right platform as we here at Techy Gossips will provide you with abundance of names that you can give to your private story.

Private Story Names for Snapchat

We have put together a list of creative, cool and funny Snapchat private story names so you will find everything that you have been desired for. You can easily create your Snapchat story and can easily share it with anybody who is there in your Buddy list. You can show your Snapchat story to as many people as you want and even can restrict the limit; it basically depends upon your choice. The label Snapchat private story names indicated that you are showcasing some of your cherished or romantic moments. These special moments deserves to be posted with the special name so we have provided you the list of best Private Story Names. You can create the story whenever you want and even delete it as per your choice.

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What is a Private Snapchat Story?

Private Snapchat Story where you will decide who can see your story. It means that it won’t catch the eye balls of public until you make it public. Snapchat stories will automatically expire in 24 hours after posting it.  If you want to delete the story before 24 hours then you can do so that fairly depends upon you.

How you can make Private Story on Snapchat?

• Click on Bitmoji present on the top left corner and from there select Custom Story followed by selecting Private Story.

• After this you are required to add the friends to whom you want to show your private story

• Once you are done, you can select the tick icon that you can see at the right corner just at the bottom. You can create private story name for your Snapchat story after this step and then select the story.

• Now you are done by creating your private Snapchat story. Now stay tuned with us to see cool and funny private story names for Snapchat. You can also check Christmas aesthetic Snapchat logo for your iPhone home screen

Private story names for Snapchat: FAQ’S

Is there any need to create good Snapchat private story names?

Yes, of course it would be great to use good names for your private Snapchat story as it will increase the chance of user engagement and even let you to increase your friendship with other people in your group.

What is considered to be good private Snapchat story name?

To increase the user interaction it is necessary to have good private story names in Snapchat. To make your story stand out in Public give it a unique and creative name. You can even use a funny names for your Snapchat story to make it stand out in Public.

Snapchat Funny Private Story Names

Atomic banana

Bad Medicine

Bag Me To Hell

Balls of Steel

Banana Phart

Basket Space

Bearded dragon

Beavis and Butt-Bed

Because I’m worth it

Better when I’m with you

Big agenda

Billy Goat Beard


Blue Oyster Bar

Boss time


Boyfriend & Chill

Braces Off

Bread Sheeran

Bull Monty

Buttery plate

Camp Boxer

Cheeto Fingers

Christmas is Cancelled

Chunky eyebrows

Circle of Trust

Congrats, would you like a medal?

Creepy Crawly

Crispy bread

Crunchy cereal

Crying Monster

Daily GaGa

Cool Snapchat Private Story Names For 2022

“My life” is a pretty cool story 🙂

“My story” on loop forever 🙂

[Name]’s life is lit

[Name]’s little secrets

Betcha think this is it

Can’t stop, won’t stop

Cool story, bro

Dammit, officer! What’s ur name?

Don’t hate me coz Im beautiful

Good hair don’t care!

Growing up is overrated, right

Here’s my life on replay

I don’t need a man

I need to get my swag back!

I think I see Jesus

Good Snapchat Private Story Names 2022

I live” for the good times 🙂

“I’m free” at last!

“I’m living” without regret 🙂

“Life” is a beautiful thing

“Me” time with myself!

“My life” is just too cute 🙂

“Yes” to everything today

A dreamer is never bored

A little more of me 🙂

All that matters is where we are

aters are my motivators 🙂

Be kind to one another

Best things in life are free

Blessed with bad decisions

Captain of my ship

Don’t forget to smile today

Don’t get it twisted

Don’t judge a book by cover


I hope you have enjoyed this article depicting the funny, cool private story names for Snapchat. You might able to get a good name for your private Snapchat story from our list of names. If you have other amazing or funny name in your mind that we have not mentioned here then feel to provide that unique name in Comment section below.

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