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How to Select the Perfect Cable TV for Your Home

Cable TV has now become an integral part of every American household. Your TV might have become your and your family's best because of providing the best entertainment.But to get such an amazingly long-run cable TV you need to put some extra effort. As it is not a decision that you can take randomly. 

Perfect Cable TV for Your Home

Considering the need for assistance, we have come up with this blog to properly guide you in this decision. However, don't forget that to acquire an entertainment option that potentially entertains you and your family for thousands of hours you must need to spend on research for choosing the right cable TV for you. 

Having a perfect TV set is not enough to have quality entertainment. As it also depends on the ISP you have hired for TV services. WOW TV deals are capable to provide you with unbeatable entertainment so you should check all deals on this platform. 

Whether you go for biggie, 4K TV or OLED you should make a well-informed decision. To make it quicker we have come up with some points. These points will lead you to the best TV by the end of this blog. 

Our 10-Step Formula for Picking the Best TV for You

Step 1: Choose Your Price Range

Price range is a factor that you cannot avoid while deciding on any TV.It is the thing that would determine which TV you are going to get in the future. However, the good news is that a noticeable decline has been observed over the last 3 to 5 years. That's the reason which has made it possible for you to get 4K smart TV, top-of-the-line, and gorgeous at almost half of the previous price. 

Step 2: Choose Your TV Size

There was a time when the size of the TV was determined by the size of the sofa in the TV lounge but such days are over. As today bigger TV is considered better compared to smaller ones. Various classy, beautifully designed, amazing picture quality, and incredibly thin smart TVs are available in the market in varying sizes. You can go from 32 inches to 100- inch size slim TV for your home. However, 100-inch TV would not suitable for every house because it is 8-foot wide which seems stupid to install in the house. 

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Step 3: Choose OLED or LED

Let us make this decision a bit easier for you. OLED and 4K LED TV both are good however each possesses some unique features that would either support or contradict your decision. That's why we have gathered some information about both LED and OLED so you can decide according to your need and budget. 

OLED is comparatively more expensive but has shown great picture technology. However, a 4K LED TV providers a remarkable viewing experience and bears all the smart TV features that come with an OLED TV. Surprisingly, the price of 4K LED TVs is lesser than that of OLED TVs. 

Step 4: Choose Your TV Resolution

Ultra HD and 4K are two names for the same child. But in general, both refer to the quantity of pixels on the screen and screen resolution. However, you should understand that the greater the number of pixels on the screen, the more lifelike, sharper, and better the picture will be. 4K TVs are four times superior to conventional HD standards. 

We would suggest you go for 4K TVs instead of HD TVs. Also, make sure that your 4K TV is HDR compatible. What the heck is HDR? Don't you know? Well! Worry not, because we are here to aware you of this as well. HDR means a high dynamic range that take overall performance and picture quality to next level. So, isn't it worth buying? 

Step 5: What Not to Worry About

Also, check the refresh rates and contrast ratios while selecting any TV or other gadgets. Although, these days good quality TVs have exceptional contrast ratios and high refresh rates. These specs have become standard for every good quality TV. But for the safe side, we would like to give you a quick understanding of these two specs. 

Refresh Rates

The faster the refresh rates the smoother will be the picture quality of your TV. That is why so should always go for higher refresh rates if you desire to have excellent movies, sports, and games experiences

Contrast Ratios

Though there is no standard for contrast ratios and mainly companies rate it differently. Therefore, we are not presenting any contrast ratios for you either. But it is a worthless feature that you should consider while comparing TVs from different brands. And, we would suggest you never overlook this spec every time you go for buying a TV.   

Step 6: Get Smart, Get Streaming

Always go for smart TV even if these TVs are expensive if you want to keep up with the wonders of smart technologies. But why it is so important to have a smart TV? Let's explore some reasons that would clear your mind that why are we emphasizing smart TV for you.  

Cut the Cord… and Enjoy Wireless Freedom and Control

If you have ever wished for a cord-free TV Or have desired to get rid of satellite or cable TV service smart TV is for you. Because it has made it possible for you to cut the cord and enjoy the wireless control and freedom. Smart TVs come with streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Prime, and Hulu

View Pretty Much Any Content on Your TV

Smart TV allows you to watch extensive content including any music, home videos, and photos on your computer or phone. 

Step 7: Get Connected, Stay Connected

You need to get HDMI cables to connect things like TV with cable box and else. These wires are thicker than conventional TV cables which you would insert into HDMI ports. Always go for 4 HDMI ports at least. Why HDMI is so important to look up to? Because it manages greater bandwidth and higher speed. So, if you want to set with the future, you need HDMI to stay connected. 

Step 8: Seriously Consider Upgrading Your Audio

The sound quality of speakers embedded in 4K credit card thin TVs is significantly lesser than the ones that come with the 1985's old tabletop TV. Thereby, you need to upgrade your audio to have perfect audibility of sound that works for your room, your family, and for you. 

Step 9: Don’t Fall in Love with a Remote Control

Don’t buy the TV only because its remote has captured your attention. TV remotes can be upgraded at any time so there is no point in selecting a TV because of its fancy remote. There are plenty of third-party suppliers who have a range of fancy and catchy remotes for you. Even if you want your hands on a universal remote you can get it for your TV. Haven't you ever heard about that remote? No issue! It's the gold standard remote. However, many of you are still in love with old dishes or cable remotes to do any action on TV. 

Step 10: What about the TV Warranty?

If you are buying a TV through authorized dealers, you will get a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty. That you can claim at any authorized service centers established by most companies like Samsung, LG, and Sony nationwide. For instance, you have any issue with your TV the technician of the TV manufacturer will visit your home. But if the problem is severe the company will take the TV back to the workshop and send it back when the problem gets completely solved. 

Final Thoughts 

Whatever steps we have mentioned in this blog are based on experts’ tips and suggestions. So, you can follow all of these without a hint of doubt. However, we would suggest you not rush into buying a TV as it is a thing that would live in your house for many years. And decide after precisely comparing different TVs brands available in the market to get the perfect fit. 

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