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Discover 5 Myths About Cybersecurity That Can Pose a Real Threat!

 Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a company that does not have its own website or computer database. However, you should be aware that computerization of work is also associated with an increased danger from cybercriminals who, thanks to advanced hacking techniques, can threaten your company. Many companies downplay this issue because of false information. Read on to discover 5 myths about cybersecurity!


Myths About Cybersecurity

1. Hackers only target large companies 

Many smaller business owners believe they are too small and therefore not a target for cybercriminals. It turns out, however, that hackers are increasingly attacking smaller enterprises - without adequate protection and training of employees, they are an attractive and easy target. Regular updates and strong passwords may not be enough. So let's get interested in the offer of cyber ranges such as and gradually strengthen the company's security!

2. A business doesn't have important data  

All data can have value, which hackers often know better than business owners. Cyber criminals can use the collected information to both passes on to competitors and even blackmail someone. Don't ever underestimate the criminals as a little bit of information that is worthless to you can be an important source for criminals. They can use that information in any way either collecting all employees' information or information about other important documents.

3. Training is only for beginners 

This is one of the biggest myths in the cybersecurity industry. Only by regularly practicing their skills, cybersecurity specialists can be prepared for new moves from hackers who are constantly on the lookout for new attack techniques. Training on the CDeX platform are training that will prove well as regular exercises for both the entire group and individual employees. Training can be not only given to beginners but to experienced employees also because hackees not only target beginners but experts can also be targeted by such criminals.

4. Antivirus provides complete protection 

Antivirus software is undoubtedly helpful in the fight against cybercriminals, but it does not replace human activities. The cloud prepared by CDeX can be a perfect addition, enabling immediate access to training. In just 30 minutes, you can prepare a training environment and enable employees to train in incident response - a quick response to a hacker attack! 

5. The IT department deals with cybersecurity 

Most companies have an IT department or outsource these activities to external companies from the IT industry. It should be noted, however, that not every IT specialist deals with cybersecurity, and many of them, despite their knowledge, do not have practical experience in the field of protection against hacker attacks. Therefore, it is important for every business to have a team or person who knows how to act on this type of threat.


Negative ideas or we can say myths about cybersecurity possess a harmful threat to the business that is in contact with several threats each day. Misinformation provides much more opportunity to hackers and they will infiltrate your network.  For the security of your business get yourself updated with the latest security information.

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