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Hulu Error Code 504: What Is Hulu Error Code 504, 503 or 500 and How To Fix It?

 Hulu Error Code 504 is one of the most frequent errors that come when you are using Hulu. You all might be wondering that what is this Hulu and how Hulu Error Code 504, 503 or 500 occurs then your search came to an end as we at Techy Gossips make everything clear in your mind by explaining every now and then of Hulu. 

What Is Hulu Error Code 504, 503 or 500 and How To Fix It?

Hulu is one of the most used OTT platform in United States. Get to know about Hulu Error Code 504, 503 or 500 and How to Fix it in this article. Hulu error codes 504 and 503 are somewhat related to one another but they occur during different time like Hulu error 503 indicate service unavailable while Hulu error 504 indicate gateway timeout error.

Hulu Error Code 504

Hulu error code 504 is nothing but HTTP status code that makes you aware of Gateway Timeout Problem. You might come across this problem when the server is unable to handle your request either due to high traffic or due to some maintenance process going on. When server is too much busy then also Hulu error code 504 occurs. Problem always comes up with the solution so stay tuned and get to know more about Hulu Error Code 504 and few ways to fix the problem.

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Hulu Error Code 503 

Hulu Error Code 503 HTTP status code that is directly or indirectly related to webserver . When to request hulu to watch your favorite cartoon shows and you are unable to get response on time while you came across Hulu Error Code 503 then no need to worry as you didn’t make the neither you made the mistake or there is any issue with your device this is the Hulu server that might face the problem. Seerver sometimes might not be able to fetch your requests due to high traffic or so many requests that has been lined up due to which Hulu Error Code 503 occurs.

How To Fix Hulu errors 504 and 503 

Here is the list of methods by following which you can easily fix Hulu errors 504 and 503 

Ensure Proper Internet Connection

The main reason behind Hulu Error Code 503 is some issue in your internet connection. See the below steps to fix this error

• All linked devices from your network should be deleted and disabled

• Now the next step is to close all the running background apps as well as programs thereafter restart your computer

• Make sure your modem or the router should be near to your device

• Now its chance to connect all the devices that has been removed to your network

Change Your DNS

Changing DNS might help different users to get rid of Hulu Error Code 503 or 504. It is 100% secure method and in order to secure DNS you can make use of trustworthy services like Cloudfare or Google. How to proceed

• Go to settings on your Profile Page

• Next step is to browse your network and internet settings

• Go to Private DNS 

• Change the option here from Automatic to Private

• Last and final step is to change the hostname of DNS provide to

Clear Browser Cache

If the upper suggested methods won’t work for you then you can opt for the method i.e clearing your browser cache. There issues might pop while streaming videos on Hulu. It improves your response speed on large scale. How to make it work

  • When you open your Browser you will see 3 dots on the right corner click on those 3 dots.
  • Next steps will be Click on More Tools>>Clear Browsing Data. Choose the time range from the top.
  • Select the things from the list that you want to clear out like Browsing History, Cache Pictures.
  • Click on Clear data and close the window.
  • Final step is to shut down your computer

Update Hulu App

Make sure that your auto update option is selected so that app would get updated own its own. If not possible then frequently check the updates and whenever new update is available you have to update the app manually.

Make Sure Hulu is Online

Many users won’t be able to access Hulu due to the server issue and there server issues might occur dues to Hulu Error Code 504, 503 or 500.

Uninstall and Install the App

If you tired out trying all the above methods then you can try this for the last time i.e uninstall your Hulu App and try to install it again .

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