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Twitch Error 3000: What is Twitch Error 3000 and How to Fix It?

 What is Twitch Error 3000?

One of the most common and frequent error that we came across Twitch is Twitch Error 3000. Along with the black screen we will see media resource decoding issue whenever and wherever this error appears. As a result of Twitch Error 3000 you won’t be able to watch any of the videos on twitch. One more interesting fact about Twitch Error 3000 or ‘3000 Media resource decoding error’ is that a lot many times only the chrome users came across this issue.

Twitch Error 3000

What causes Twitch Error 3000?

There are a lot many ways that can cause Twitch Error 3000. There might occur due to media source decoding issue. There are low many causes that lead to Twitch Error 3000 as listed below:

•  HTML5 does not respond well due to the failure of browser while trying to decode media source.

• If you are using the latest version of Flash then also there are high chances that Twitch Error 3000 might occur as a result of which it won't support video streaming on browser.

• There might be chances that you get to see Twitch Error 3000 just because of bad cookies and cache.

How to fix Twitch Error 3000?

There are various ways by following which you can get rid of Twitch Error 3000. Some of them are listed below:

Fix #1: Clearing cache and cookies

Fix #2: Update your Browser

Fix #3: Turning off Hardware Acceleration

Fix #4: Enabling third-party cookies

Fix #5: Try Incognito Mode

Let’s get into further detailing

Fix #1: Clearing cache and cookies

First and foremost thing that you can do to fix Twitch Error 3000 is clearing out bad cache and cookies too. Bad cookies are the main cause of 3000 twitch error. Chrome users can follow the following steps to clear out cookies

• Open Google Chrome Browser

• Type “chrome://settings” in address bar then you will get to see browser setting page

• Click on "Advanced" that comes in the bottom of the page when you scroll down

• Go to “Privacy and Security” settings and thereafter click on “Clear browsing data”.

• Select "all time" instead of one hour or one day check all options and at last click on “Clear browsing data”.

Fix #2: Update your Browser

You can resolve Twitch error 3000 if you update your browser. If it does not work then you can try to delete your browser and try to install it again. Follow the next series of steps to fix out Twitch error 3000.

Fix #3: Turning off Hardware Acceleration

Instead of using software rendering hardware acceleration is the only feature that uses computer hardware. But all times it doesn’t works that it would be expected to work and in some cases various issues pop up with your browsers. If this is the reason of Twitch error 3000 then you can turn off hardware accelerator. Now you might be thinking how to turn Off hardware acceleration so don’t to worry and follow these steps.

• On the right top of Browser you might came across 3 dots, click on those dots

• Go to settings>>Advanced

• By scrolling down the system you can disable Use hardware acceleration when available

• Last step is to restart your browser and thereafter reload Twitch.

Fix #4: Enabling third-party cookies

To get rid of twitch 3000 error you can try enabling third party cookies.

How to do that

• Go to the main page where you came across this issue.

• Thereafter you find find a cookie icon on te left side of the address bar.

• After clicking on that you will came across a new menu

• From there only you can select "always allow <website> to set cookies"option.

Fix #5: Try Incognito Mode

Some says that Twitch error 3000 won't take place in Incognito mode so why not to try this step to fix this error. You can press ctrl + shift + N from your keyboard to open Incognito.

You can also Try

• In Google Chrome you will find three dots on the right corner click on that

• Thereafter follow the next steps to click New Incognito Window

• Check whether will be able to load the streams in Incognito mode

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