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List of 8 FREE Tools to Pick a Colour Scheme

 These are the list of 8 FREE brilliant tools to pick a Color Scheme:

01. Adobe Colour CC

You may know it by its original name, Adobe Kuler. But Adobe recently renamed the popular app, which over the years graduated from a simple web-based color tool to a full-fledged theme-sharing and resource-sharing theme, such as Adobe Color CC.

Free Tools to pick color scheme

02. Mudcube Colour Sphere

Mudcube Color Sphere is a useful little color scheme for web designers because it does not only provide hex numbers for each color; it also helps you create a color scheme from one selected shade.

03. is a free service that provides information on any color, including conversion to multiple color models (RGB, CMYK, and more). A variety of schemes - such as matching, contrasting, triadic, tetradic, five-tone, contrasting, monochromatic colors - can be found on each color page.

04. ColorExplorer

This is probably one of the most in-depth tools available on the web, offering a variety of tools for designing, customizing, and analyzing your color palettes. There are, for example, tools that can help you determine the WCAG suitability for your color choice

05. COLOURlovers

COLOURlovers is a community designed to share and appreciate colors, palettes and patterns. It looks like a Pinterest color board and provides a good source of inspiration for the palettes shared by its users. A great tool if you are a person who loves color, and loves to share your tastes.

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COLOURlovers site contain one of the tool, COPASO is worth highlighting individually as an excellent palette solution. It offers a full range of color selection tools within a simple visual interface, including the ability to add notes to your palettes, to upload photos.

07. Colourmod

Colourmod is a desktop-based tool that lets you choose one color within the area of your widget, whether you're on a Mac with a dashboard, or using Configuration on Windows.

08. ColorZilla

This started life as a Firefox plugin, but is now also available on Google's Chrome browser. ColorZilla is an extension that includes color-related tools that include a color picker, eye dropper, css gradient generator and a palette browser.

How to pick a right color palette 

I know what to say, where to start? When it comes to decorating we all know the awesome feeling we get when we see that empty canvas. Deciding on the right color scheme for your room can be as important as choosing the right furniture. Color stimulates our minds and emotions, so here is our guide to help you make that perfect choice!

Cool colors

Cool colors are said to range in color from blue to violet. These colors are best used to create a cool and relaxing atmosphere.


Blue is a favorite for creating calm, serenity and peace. It is a popular color for many rooms because it can be combined with traditional and modern styles. Classic styles can be created using blue with white colors and flowers. Modern styles can be created using a variety of blue tones with fresh white and pale wood. Light shades of blue work well with pastel colors especially soft apple greens. Certain blue tones can also be applied to yellow to create a warm Mediterranean style.

Blue would not be a good choice for rooms with little natural light or those that end up cold, as it is a color that is causally associated with the cold and can ultimately make the room less attractive. In such cases, warm color can be highly recommended.


Green is the color used to symbolize nature, balance, harmony and positivity. It creates a relaxing atmosphere when used in soft tones. A team with small amounts of black or brown gray or large amounts of medium colors to create a modern look in the living room. Consumption of small vegetables filled with light cream can be a great combination for a country cottage look in the kitchen / dining room. Adding black and white to green can create an Art Deco look or why not be bold and try a retro green theme with something different.


The most popular in bedrooms, purple is ready to create a calm and vibrant home with a combination of white and pastel. It is currently incredibly popular in the fashion industry and it will not be long before you see it grow within domestic brands.

Warm colors

Warm colors are often referred to as hues from red to yellow, brown and tan. They are vibrant, invigorating and dominating the cool colors. Warm colors should not be used as a primary color and are best used when highlighting pieces of statement in your room.


As warning signs, the color red attracts people's attention, so it's best not to use it on a feature wall or to create a piece of statement in a room. This living color is best used in public rooms, such as dining rooms, living rooms or kitchen / living rooms open plan. Small doses can often be more effective than large areas of color, so it is best if you are not confident enough to paint the walls rather you can add this color to the room in the form of decorative accessories.


Like sunlight, yellow is brilliant and brings a pleasant feeling to a child's room or hallway. It also works when used to highlight the features of your space, just remember to choose a light color as your eyes may be difficult to look at a bright color. Pale colors are always best for cooling the eyes.

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As a mixture of red and yellow it combines both colors. Although Orange is hot and glowing like red, it is not aggressive. Orange actually stimulates mental performance, so add a splash of orange to a study or children’s playroom. It also works well in the kitchen as it is associated with appetite and healthy eating.


Neutrality is great at creating a bright and soft space and giving the illusion of space. Following this color scheme will give you a stylish and sophisticated space and in a large blank canvas, which can be injected with color, prints and patterns to get you interested. This is great as a basic color as it allows you to update the room using just the bright accents and resources. These tones are great when used with warm tones like rich red, mushrooms, and terracotta.


It is the color of the earth, use brown to create an atmosphere of magnification. Colors like Coffee become more and more popular when paired with other neutral or warm tones.

The beast

Black is orderly, beautiful, and respected. Darkness makes some colors stand out so it is perfect for pairing with warm shades. Excessive darkness in the space can make the room feel smaller, so this is best used with smaller amounts. Black is perfect for that official restaurant. Accessories and soft furniture.

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