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How to Clean up Duplicate Photos in Windows?

You have stored a lot of data in the system which consists of important files as well as copy or duplicate files. There is a possibility that you might be storing loads of duplicate files which you are not aware of. The duplicates files can have images, audio, videos, and documents. 

Clean up duplicate photos in windows

If you are worried about space in the disk and thinking of manually removing the duplicates. This article might help you in saving time and effort. We are going to list some of the easiest methods which you can use to clean up duplicate photos in Windows. You can check the methods below. 

Easy Ways to Clean Duplicate Photos in Windows

Below we have listed methods as well as steps that can help you in eliminating the duplicates completely.

1. Clean Up Manually 

Using the manual method you have to select the duplicates manually and then after selecting them, you can delete them. Without using any software or tool you delete or remove the photos is what the manual method means. 

The method can be very tiring and time-consuming as you need to look at each and every picture on your system to check for their duplicates and then delete them. Some of you might even find this process very frustrating as well. But instead of looking for every image, you can manually use a shortcut too. Follow the steps mentioned below to remove manually. 

● Select the photo and copy the name of which you want to find the duplicate. 

● Open the driver where you wish to check for duplicates.

● In the drive past the name in the search box. The search box is situated at the top right corner.

● After you search for the photo. All the files with similar names will appear on the screen.

●  You can delete the duplicates which you want from the list. 

The only drawback of this method is that if the duplicate files are not with a similar name then this method will not be as effective as it sounds. If you find the method useless then you can try using the below-listed method. 

2. Clean Up Using a Software

Finding duplicate images which have different credentials can be very time-consuming if you proceed with the manual method, but it is easy and simple if you use the automatic method. It doesn’t matter if the filename or extension is different. If you use a duplicate photo cleaner tool it will search deeply to find out whether the system consists of duplicate photos or not.  

There are many software available on the internet which offer various features along with deleting the duplicates. You can choose the software depending on your need and requirement. Some of the software may require a subscription for usage. If you have a low budget then you can also use the software which is available for free. 

Before choosing the software you have to look at the offering of the software. There might be other software that offers better features than the software you choose. If you don’t check the offerings of the competitors then you might end up installing the wrong software. 

After you have finalized the software then you can check the steps below which states how you can easily use the software for removing duplicates. 

● Launch the software and on the home screen click on the scan button.

● After you start the scan the software will check all the disks for duplicates. In a few minutes, the result will appear on your screen. 

● From the list of results, you can either select the duplicates manually or assign the software to delete. 

● If you choose the manual option then you have to select the files and then click on the delete button. If you select the automatic button then the files will be deleted automatically. 

Some of the software offers the user option to filter the scan. Using that feature you can search for selected drives and find duplicates from those drives only. That’s how simple it is to use the software and remove the duplicates from the system. 

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Final Words: How to Clean up Duplicate Photos in Windows?

From the above-listed methods, you can easily pick the method which meets your requirements. we would recommend you to use software instead of a manual method to save time and effort. As mentioned above be sure about the software you choose as it can either help you in work or can increase the work.  We hope that you will find this article helpful. If you have any suggestions regarding the article you can write it done in the comment section. 


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