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Outsource Website Writing | 4 Reasons to Take The Leap

 Nowadays, the design of a site is no longer enough to acquire and retain new readers. You must put in place a marketing strategy with optimized content to seduce your target, but also to please Google's algorithms. To do this, you have to work on your natural referencing through articles with high added value, pleasant to read and in accordance with SEO criteria. All this work cannot be improvised, you must seek the expertise of a professional web editor. Not yet convinced of its usefulness? Here are 4 good reasons to entrust the writing of a website.

Outsource Website Writing

1 – Save time: the fundamental argument for entrusting the writing of a website

Your visibility on the Web depends on the frequency of your content. It is necessary to regularly publish blog posts, newsletters and statuses on your social networks. Your web entrepreneur activity requires you to be constantly active on the web to stand out from your competitors and retain your readers. Head in the handlebars, busy with your daily tasks, you will run after time to try to achieve it. It is therefore wise to seek outside help.

Entrusting the writing of your website guarantees you relevant texts at a pace that will please not only your audience, but also Google. Collaborating with a professional web editor is a guarantee of serenity, because your publication rate is assured. This path will thus allow you to consolidate your brand image on the Web. This point will be decisive on the buying behavior of your readers. The regularity and quality of publications are, in fact, the key to success.

2 – Establish an effective editorial strategy

Do you dream of your site appearing on the first page of Google results? Have the Inbound marketing reflex. Queso? A content creation strategy whose goal is to obtain visitors, who will then become prospects (leads) and finally customers. Seducing your target with content they like, at the right time and in the right place, that's the whole point. Your audience will appreciate and your traffic will inevitably increase.

As a web entrepreneur, your days are busy. Thinking about such an analysis is not one of your priorities and even less of your favorite areas. But then, how to work? Only one answer to this very relevant question: work hand in hand with a professional SEO web editor. In particular, he will be able to rely on the results of the Search Console and Google Analytics to optimize a content strategy. Your site will then go up in search engine results. Always keep in mind that 91.5% of searchers won't go any further than the first page of results, so you have to give it your all to get to the top of the SERP rankings!

3 – Benefit from quality content resulting from specific know-how

Everyone is able to write an article with an introduction, a development and a conclusion. Admittedly, but ordinary mortals do not know the subtleties of natural referencing, because I can confirm it to you, SEO is not innate, it is a job.

The web editor writes quality content to satisfy Google's algorithms and reach the Holy Grail of position 0. What is his secret? He carefully selects keywords, integrates html tags, optimizes images, adjusts content size and can implement a net linking strategy. Wikipedia page consultant perfectly masters all these codes and adapts his writing style according to the theme and the target audience (persona). The web editor identifies reliable sources, deals with various subjects, bans duplicate content and reflects on the search intentions of Internet users. Use content generators sparingly and SEO plugins that render texts meaningless or undrinkable because they are over-optimized. The machine will never replace the man, and be sure, Google is watching the grain.

4 – Take advantage of constant monitoring of developments in SEO: the essential role of the professional web editor

Imagine that today you have some SEO codes. But do you know that Google's algorithms are constantly updated? Natural referencing is therefore impacted according to the latest news. To give you an idea of the changes to consider this year, particular attention should be paid to the following points:

• All of the sites will be crawled by the IMF (mobile index first): beware of those that do not integrate responsive design, i.e., an automatic layout adapted according to the size of the screen.

• The performance criteria of the pages will be measured taking into account page loading times, interactivity and visual stability.

• Voice searches are intensifying (via the telephone and connected speakers), so it will be wise to integrate long-tail queries from oral language.

Of course, we will have to continue to produce quality content with videos and images, always taking the user experience into consideration. SEO techniques are evolving, UX is more than ever at the center of Google's interests. Who do you think keeps abreast of these constant developments? Yes, you guessed it, the SEO web copywriter. Through his watch, his readings, webinars, he will guide you on the latest news to take into account to boost the positioning of your site.

The professional web editor will improve the visibility of your site and consequently increase your turnover. It is not an expense, but rather a long-term investment. So, ready to delegate the writing of your website to give your business every chance?

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