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5 Advantages of Having Smart Locks

 In today 's world where innovations are constantly evolving, smart locks have been invented. Smart locks are electromechanical locks equipped with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi that enable families to connect their phones to them. And by connecting your phone to it, you can now easily access and lock your home’s doors with just a simple tap.

Smart Locks

Installing smart locks in your home can make life easier for you and your family because you won't have to constantly look for and prepare your keys. Plus, you don’t have to worry when your door key has been lost because you've got access through your phone.

When you’re planning to buy a smart lock, always remember to check its features, system, and brand so you won’t regret buying it later. Or you can also take a look at Swiftlane’s guide to choose the best smart locks.

Here are the five advantages of having smart locks:

1. Goodbye Keys.

Keys can be very annoying sometimes, aren’t they? One of the benefits of having a smart lock in your home is that you don’t need to constantly keep your keys inside your pockets, and you don’t have to worry about getting them lost! Smart locks are alternatives to manual keys, and they can surely save you from getting messed up trying to look for the keys. You can easily enter your house by just confirming the access, and it is also guaranteed that there is strong security despite the absence of keys.

2. You’re aware of your visitors.

One reason why smart locks are excellent for security performance is that they can be equipped with pass codes, alarms, and cameras for the owner to know when someone is opening the door. Through these features–camera, alarm, notification, and passcode systems–you don’t have to worry about the safety of your home. 

3. Locking and unlocking is accessible through devices.

One of the best things about smart locks is that they are accessible through any of your devices, such as cellphones, tablets, or even laptops! Because of this feature, your loved ones or close friends can now easily pass the entrance with your permission without physically going to the door to open it. It's pretty convenient when you’re doing something, right? And when the visitors have entered your home, you can easily lock it through your gadget too.

4. You can set a schedule for your door.

This incredible feature of smart locks can be very useful, especially if you have children, you’re living alone, or with people that require protection. You can set a schedule through an app in your phone for your door, such as when and what time it can be opened and also one time for it to lock. This feature can surely improve your life as you don’t need to walk up the door every time you have to lock or unlock it.

5. Not limited to a single door.

Smart locks are not exclusive to a single door knob! It can also be attached to double entry doors, cabinets, and other furniture that has doors! Smart locks come in a variety of sizes, types, and styles depending on what smart lock fits your home.

Smart locks are handy devices that can make your life easier and more secure. But, despite these advantages, they can also have disadvantages, such as being prone to hacking, expensive, and requiring lots of effort to make it work. However, they can still be great features to be added, especially if you have a modern home or even buildings such as offices and other corporate companies. The world is filled with a lot of criminals nowadays, and utilizing a smart lock can increase your security.

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