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Why App Maintenance is Key to The Success of Your App

 In this modern era, a mobile presence can help businesses uplift their digital presence and generate better leads. But, as opposed to the common belief, developing and launching a mobile application is not enough if you want to succeed in the digital realm. 

app maintenance

Maintaining the app and revamping its features are equally important to sustain the desired user engagement for your mobile app. Studies show that 75% of users never reopen the majority of mobile apps on their phones after 90 days of installation. 

The biggest reason behind this app abandonment is the lack of marketing, too many bugs, and poor user engagement. An easy way to prevent this unexpected app abandonment and increase customer engagement is to regularly check your app’s performance and ensure it matches user intentions. 

In today’s blog, our Indian app developers have penned down some of the additional benefits of app maintenance and how it can help you sustain consistent user engagement. 

1. Remove Bugs

One of the major advantages of app maintenance is that it allows developers to remove potential bugs that might be interfering with the app’s functionality. It’s worth noting that there isn’t even a single mobile app that doesn’t have any bugs after the initial deployment. 

Even after running a mobile app through different test scenarios, it’s quite possible that it still might have a plethora of undetected bugs. But, when an app is released in the market, it’s much easier to track user feedback and make required changes in real-time. 

2. Better User Engagement

This one goes without saying! Regular maintenance after the final deployment of a mobile app can drive better user engagement. 

Considering your team acted upon the customer feedback, it’ll become easier to turn one-time users into long-term loyal customers. Moreover, when you’ll remove bugs and improve the app performance, your app will automatically deliver a user-friendly experience and improve the overall customer retention rate.  

3. Secure Your App from Cyber Threats

During the initial stages of a mobile app, it’s common to have various security loopholes. Believe it or not, hackers often look for these loopholes to steal data and manipulate user information. This is the reason why security has become one of the major concerns for many app publishers. 

With regular app maintenance, app developers in India can detect these security breaches and implement the required measures to boost app security. You can also introduce new encryption APIs to ensure your mobile app complies with the latest security protocols and delivers a completely secure user experience. 

4. Reduce Unexpected Downtime

Like security breaches, unexpected downtime is another factor behind app abandonment among users. 

Unexpected downtime not only affects the app’s performance but also makes your potential customers drift away from your application and look for other available options. Fortunately, app maintenance can help you avoid this scenario and reduce unexpected downtimes to ensure users can browse through your application without getting interrupted at all. 

5. Introduce New Features

As of 2022, there are more than 7 million mobile applications on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store combined. Such an extensive volume has made the entire app market more competitive and it has become challenging for app publishers to gain the desired customer exposure. 

One of the easiest ways to beat the competition and get ahead of the curve is to equip your app with user-centric features and update them regularly to have a feature-driven mobile application. By introducing the latest features and integrating new APIs, you’ll be able to keep your app’s functionality up to the mark and gain a competitive edge in the market. 

5. App Monitoring

Finally, another advantage of app maintenance is the ability to monitor every little element of your mobile app. A regular app maintenance routine will allow your development team to keep a tab on the overall performance of the mobile app along with the individual functionality of each module. They’ll be able to implement the required changes on time and deliver a remarkable user experience. 


Launching a mobile app can help businesses improve their digital presence and acquire new customers more conveniently. But, business owners must understand that launching a mobile application and expecting to acquire new customers immediately is not the ideal approach. 

Investing in app maintenance will give your mobile app a competitive advantage and engage users more conveniently. In addition to regular revamping, marketing is also a crucial part of app maintenance and it’ll give your mobile app the expected online exposure. So, if you also want to avoid unexpected failure and launch a successful mobile app, make sure to devise a solid maintenance plan for the post-deployment phase.  


Ranjit Singh is the founder & Director of RV Technologies

Ranjit Singh is the founder & Director of RV Technologies and has been an avid technical blog writer too. His passion for business and writing informative articles on mobile app development is commendable. With years of experience in the IT industry, he has been able to bring up the best marketing solutions through app development that guides you at each and every step.

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