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The Essential Things You Need to Know About Using NETSPay

 People hardly need to carry cash in this digital era, for debit or credit cards took over the place of paper money in wallets years ago. People prefer to use digital wallets and contactless cards instead of paper money in the new normal. Today we are looking forward to a cashless future. Surprisingly, hawker stalls in Singapore have introduced a unified cashless mobile payment system, a step ahead of contactless payments.


The user can enjoy smooth shopping and paying experience using mobile wallets with multiple options. NETSPay is one of the mobile applications that allow the user to make fast and easy payments using a mobile phone by providing a PIN (Personal identification number).

Know what is NETSPay

NETS (Network for Electronic Transfers), launched in 1985, is an electronic payment service provider in Singapore that facilitates contactless or electronic payments. NETSPay, a mobile application, allows you to make payments digitally over DBS/POSB NETS cards. To avail of this service, you should register your DBS/POSB ATM cards on the NETSPay application and scan and pay immediately using a QR code or tapping at a checkout terminal.

Why Should You Consider Using NETSPay?

One typical reason for considering NETSPay is it is widely accepted at most of the retail outlets across Singapore. Some of the benefits of using DBS POSB NETSPay are:

1. A quick means of making payment

You can make a fast cashless payment through your mobile phone. For this, all you need is to download the NETSPay app and register for digital payments. To register digital payments, you should add your POSB/DBS ATM card details to it. After the successful completion of this process, you can scan the QR code at the cash counter or tap on the POS terminal and pay. NETSPay is easily accessible:

• At most retail outlets

The QR code at the retail outlet or the one printed on the receipt helps you make a quick payment. Meanwhile, the QR code on the terminal allows you to pay quickly too.

• On a mobile phone, with just a tap and pay

You can use an NFC-enabled mobile phone and pay by tapping on the terminal.

• On the eCommerce site

It enables you to pay you online without entering credit or debit details. All you need is to scan the QR code available on the checkout page. 

2. Convenient

You can shop anytime from anywhere without carrying cash in your wallet. The NETSPay app allows you to pay securely using your POSB/DBS credit or debit card details registered on your mobile phone. 


3. Use it anywhere

You can find NETS acceptance points almost everywhere, which makes it convenient to make instant contactless payments for your purchases. You can also scan NETS QR codes at these points.

4. Highly secured

NETSPay offers a secured payment method, where you pay using tokens. It ensures that your card details are safe and do not fall into the wrong hands. Furthermore, fingerprint and pin verification also come in handy to keep classified information safe. 

How to install NETSPay?

To get started on NETSPay follow these steps:

• Go to Google Store (Android) or App Store(iOS) and install the NETSPay app on your mobile

• Follow the instruction and complete the registration process.

• After registration, you can add your POSB/DBS Cards.

By completing these steps, you can now use NETSPay and make any contactless payments for your purchases.

Making contactless payments have now become easier and safer with the help of NETSPay. With the app, you can add your DBS or POSB card to make any payments right from your bank accounts.

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