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The Possible Quantity of Cold Emails to Be Sent Per Day with Cold Email Outreach Tools

 At present businesses have various opportunities for introducing and promoting their brand, products and services. One of the existing ways to present themselves is sending out cold emails. Cold email outreach constitutes sending emails to possible customers who aren’t privy to your company. This technique is leveraged to promote your brand and content, insert backlinks, and try to develop partnerships with bloggers or influencers. Sending messages to people without previous establishment of contact is a prominent feature of cold emails.

Cold Emails

When a company chooses cold emails to be used in the marketing campaign, here the question arises regarding the tolerable amount of cold emails per day. It’s a common issue among email marketers at the launch of cold emailing as the excessive number of cold emails per day may mess up the whole campaign. Marketers may choose to deal with a professional sales tool provided by Folderly which helps to spearhead a successful marketing campaign.

So how many cold emails are perfect to send daily? This hinges on different factors which should be considered. Some best practices of sending out cold emails will be mentioned in this article.

Take Advantage of Email Warmup Services and Email Checker Tools

If you are new in email marketing and cold emailing, you’d better get to know different kinds of tools, like email warmup and email checker tools, and how to implement them into your work to facilitate it.

The important thing you need to do is to keep your marketing list clean. You can verify available addresses on the list with an email checker to avoid hard bounces. It’s better to send emails to relevant addresses which don’t contain typos and which aren’t spam traps.

The essential step in cold emailing is warming up your sender account. You need to consistently send more messages from your account daily unless you reach the desired number of emails which can be sent per day. It’s possible to perform it manually or by means of an email warmup software. The benefits of email warmup services can’t be underestimated:

● You can ascertain that your account is prepared for email outreach and general use.

●You are informed about messages which haven’t reached their destination.

● Your email deliverability rates are expected to boost.

● Major blacklists used by spam filters are inspected for the presence of your email address.

● You access your sender score representing the state of your inbox at all times.

● Your domain reputation is likely to increase.

● You will save your time and efforts.

 Utilizing cold email outreach tools, such as email warmup and email checker tools, helps to automate the process of cold emailing and gives you the possibility to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Don’t Neglect Daily Excellent Sending Practices and Email Deliverability Tools

In the majority of cases, users are overloaded with content and emails on a day-to-day basis. When you are thinking about the frequency of your messages and your customers, take into consideration yourself and your personal account. Have you noticed that the quantity of received emails and the number of actually open emails are dramatically different? Are your prospects satisfied with a large number of messages every day? This should be born in mind.

The other thing which should be considered is all ESPs keep a close eye on email accounts which send numerous emails out of the blue. Although every ESP is characterized by peculiar spam filter functions, sudden activity of an email account is a unified red flag. Be careful about the number of sent emails per day.

When you deal with cold emailing, try to adhere to the following practices which have proven their effectiveness:

● Reach out to users who are likely to take an interest in your company.

● Create hyper-personalized and unique content for cold email outreach to attract prospective customers.

● Keep in touch with your customers.

● Write short and understandable emails.

●Make certain that your messages get into the inbox with email deliverability tools to maximize your chances of being noticed and read.

● Encourage them to expect more content from your company.

● Make your potential clients feel special.

● Look forward to their response, but don’t hassle them after you send a follow-up.

● Verify the addresses you possess by means of email checker tools.

● Register your domain.

Be Aware of Daily Sending Limit According to Your ESP

When your campaign is gaining momentum and you are willing to increase the quantity of messages sent in a day, you are supposed to consider upgrading your ESP. It is not recommended to send out email blasts from free accounts not to have your account flagged.

Pay attention that “number of sent emails” and “number of recipients” are equated by some ESPs. Thus, it’s impossible to evade the ESP’s limits by adding the recipients to the Bcc on the same message.  Take care of the deliverability of your messages with email deliverability tools to make the most of your cold mailing.

Look through some sending limits offered by the most popular ESPs: Gmail (free account) – 500 emails/day, Gmail (Google Workspace) – 2000, Microsoft 365 – 10000, HostGator – 12000, Mailgun – 300, etc. Take into account that high-quality cold outreach shouldn’t hit the limits. The most essential thing is to focus on quality and send hyper-personalized messages. According to statistics, the average open rate for business cold emails fluctuates from 14% to 23%. However, adding appropriate subject lines and personalized elements to the messages may increase the open rate up to 45%.

The Consequences of Surpassing the Daily Sending Limit

The consequences hinge on your ESP. For the most part (e.g. Google), you won’t be allowed to send out any more emails the same day. Some ESPs (like Microsoft, Zoho) hold up your emails as long as the quantity of the sent messages decreases below the limit of the fixed term.

Most ESPs don’t freeze the account urgently when you surpass the limit. However, if you keep on over-sending, it may result in an account shutdown.

Possible solutions include:

● utilizing warming services;

● sending less messages of higher quality:

●using numerous accounts to scale the outreach which helps with deliverability;

● applying bulk email sending tools to automate the process.

Sender Reputation: Its Importance and Factors Which Matter

Care about your sender reputation while sending cold emails as a sender score is related to your domain and inbox. A high sender score provides higher chances of delivering your content to the inbox of your target recipients which is crucial for cold outreach email. A low score may lead to landing of your messages in the spam folder or your domain being on a block list.

A positive sender reputation affects your credibility as a sender when email senders assess your account.  Look out for it to prevent your messages from dropping into junk folders.

Three major factors which cause poor sender reputation include:

● Triggering spam traps

● High complaint rate

● High bounce rate

If users acknowledge your content as spam, if you send messages to irrelevant addresses, if the number of your emails surpasses the daily sending limit, your reputation will suffer. Don’t be tempted by buying ready-made email lists as they are supposed to contain spam traps. Spam traps constitute fake or inactive accounts which tend to eliminate senders who send messages to all and sundry. Utilize email deliverability tools to increase your chances of being read and getting users’ engagement.   

To prevent bounces, be mindful of the health of your marketing list. Sending messages to irrelevant users will surely damage your reputation. Apply email checkers to verify addresses on your list.


Cold emailing is still one of robust marketing tactics for establishing relations with new prospects. To achieve success in a cold email campaign, it’s crucial to adjust your ESPs daily sending limits, utilize various cold email outreach tools, monitor your sender reputation and the hygiene of the marketing list.

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