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The Benefits of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) for Your Business

 In recent years, Google Workspace has surged in popularity and is now widely used by many companies in a wide variety of industries. Previously called G Suite and Google Apps, Google Workspace now has more than 6 million business users, including famous enterprises like Uber, HubSpot, and SalesForce, and the number is still growing at a steady rate.

Google Workspace formerly G Suite

From top-of-the-line data security infrastructure to ease of use, in this post, we will explore some of the top benefits of Google Workspace for your business.

What Is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is Google's collection of cloud computing applications and services, focusing on communication and team collaboration tools. 

If you are using Gmail as your email client, then you’re already leveraging parts of Google Workspace, which also includes other popular applications like Google Calendar and Google Docs.

The majority of apps in Google Workspace are totally free, but businesses can opt to get the premium Google Workspace for Business, starting at just $6/user/month, to unlock additional business-focused features across Workspace applications.

At the moment, Google offers ten core services within the Google Workspace brand: 

1. Gmail: currently the world's most popular email client. With Workspace Business, you can create personalized (@yourdomainname) business email accounts for your employees, among other advanced features.

2. Google Drive: a centralized, cloud-hosted storage service. The premium Google Workspace Business plans offer advanced search functionality to streamline the document management process, and you'll get up to unlimited storage space with the Google Workspace plan.

3. Google Docs/Sheets/Slides: cloud-based content creation and collaboration apps; word processor (Google Docs), spreadsheet (Google Sheets), and presentation (Google Slides) apps, integrated with Google Drive are the main offerings of Google Workspace.

4. Google Calendar: an online time-tracking and calendar application. Google Workspace Business unlocks advanced scheduling features, integration with Google Sites (more on this later), and online public calendars for customers.

5. Google Forms: Google's cloud-based survey application offering similar sharing features that are also offered by Google Drive and Docs/Sheets/Slides, allowing easy sharing and synchronization.

6. Google Meet: Google's video conferencing solution, similar to Skype and Zoom. 

7. Google Chat:  a team communication tool similar to Slack and Microsoft Teams.

8. Google Keep:  a note-taking solution with a robust set of features, allowing users to easily record (keep) text, voice, images, and lists. 

9. Google Sites: a website builder allowing multiple users to collaborate in real-time throughout the website creation process featuring an intuitive website builder that won't require any coding/programming experience. 

10. Google Currents: An internal social networking and engagement solution, allowing users to share posts and comments. In premium Google Workspace plans, Google Currents offer additional features like advanced authentication management and privacy controls.

Why Upgrade to Google Workspace Business

Using Google Workspace will provide your enterprise with the following tangible benefits:

1. Access to Google's World-Class Enterprise Security

One of the most important reasons for using Google Workspace in your business's workflow is the fact that Google is committed to keeping your business's sensitive, confidential and regulated data safe.

Not only does Google employ one of, if not the most secure infrastructure, but it has also maintained industry-leading cloud security protocols throughout all its business processes, including:

● State-of-the-art data center security: Google's physical data centers are protected with world-class security measures and infrastructure.

●2-factor authentication: Google offers one of the best 2-factor authentication technologies at the moment. If a suspicious user signs in from an unrecognized device, the owner of the account will be sent a text message or email with a verification code.

● End-to-end-encryption: all kinds of data transmitted between Google's servers and end-users is encrypted, so it's 100% secure.

2. Versatility and Accessibility

As a cloud-based suite of applications, Google Workspace services can be accessed 24/7, anywhere, and technically from any device. 

At the moment, Google Workspace applications can be accessed from all major browsers, so you can easily access your Google Workspace applications from any device.

Also, some core Google Workspace applications offer offline features, so you don't need to rely on internet connectivity to access the applications and your data.

In short, Google Workspace can fully facilitate both on-premises and remote working situations, which in turn, can help improve your team's productivity.

3. More data storage

While many Google Workspace applications are available for free, with Google Workspace Business, you'll have more data storage space (from 30 GB up to unlimited) for your files, photos, emails, and other assets.

Also, Google Workspace Business offers reliable and intuitive Data Migration tools, so you can easily and securely migrate data from your device (or server) to Google Drive and other applications.

4. Advanced authentication management

With Google Workspace Business, you'll gain access to a powerful Admin Console, allowing management to easily and securely implement authentication management restrictions on employee accounts, devices, and applications to make sure sensitive data is only used when it's absolutely needed.

The Admin Console can also generate comprehensive reports on user activity, giving management useful insights on how employees are using Google Workspace Business in fulfilling their tasks.

5. Cost-effective 

Ultimately, Google Workspace Business can help you save money and maximize your ROI in the long term.

By investing in Google Workspace Business, you no longer have to purchase physical servers and other hardware equipment. Also, with Google Workspace facilitating remote work, you can effectively reduce expenses on travel accommodations, office space, and other costs related to running an ideal workplace.

Not to mention, with Google Workspace, you can easily scale up or down depending on your needs since Google Workspace charges its price on a per-user basis. If, for example, you just hired a new employee, then you can simply pay for another Google Workspace account (starting at $6 per user/month) rather than investing in more hardware devices.

Maximize your Google Workspace Experience with Pythian

When you work with a Google Workspace partner like Pythian, you get the same pricing you'd get from Google, along with Pythian's personalized education and training, cloud solutions, cloud product development, and fast customer support.

Leverage the capabilities of Google Workspace with Pythian to make the most of your investment and ensure long-term success.

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