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Why Is Pay-Per-Click Marketing Important for the Digital Growth of Business?

 Pay Per Click, or PPC as it is better known, is a highly popular marketing technique gaining traction in the world of digital marketing today. The reason is simple: according to a report by WordLead, organic SEO is 50% less effective than PPC in generating conversions – a statistic that puts every piece of this puzzle in place.

ppc click marketing

When targeted right and placed on the right digital publishing platform, paid advertisements have the potential of getting hot leads into your funnel, consequently resulting in sales.

A good PPC management agency is aware of these numbers and the numerous business benefits that come attached with digital campaigning using PPC. Especially today, when digital acceleration has caused many of the consumers to look online first for products and services, it is of greater consequence to revamp marketing and bring digital into the picture.

Why is PPC important?

Pay per click advertising introduces your business quickly to the world of competitive marketing; especially if you are a small business just starting out in the digital sphere, PPC is a great brand awareness and lead generation strategy for achieving growth and business goals.

PPC Marketing

Some of the major ways that PPC can help your business grow digitally are as follows.

Pay Per Click has High Yield

The growth of a business is determined by the number of customers it has. Creating a large customer base means putting your brand out there and improve awareness to attract more buyers. Pay Per Click marketing campaigns help your business to place advertisements in the most prime of the digital spaces.

According to AdBadger, Amazon is a platform that generates a conversion rate of 10% from its pay per click campaigns. These metrics matter in the long run to achieve and maintain high lead generation and proportionate conversions as well. It only remains to strategize how best to leverage the digital space for PPCs.

Tapping a Wider Audience

Google has almost 87% of the search engine market share – a number too big to ignore. Placing a paid advertisement on Google Ads will get your business in the position to tap into this audience in a matter of minutes – that’s how quickly a paid ad campaign can be launched on Google Ads. 

A thorough keyword research on what your customers are searching for, a competitive bid for the top spot and the right kind of advertisement is the best recipe for a larger ad outreach. Additionally, Google also provides the benefit of leveraging audiences searching for your business locally.

Google Ads and Local Search

According to a report published by Hubspot, the percentage of people who have clicked on a Google ad is as high as 63%. This service enjoys a lot of patronage from companies, and a lot of search engine users trust the ads that show up here. The bidding can get a little rough, but placing a paid advertisement at the top of Google search results can bring in a lot of traffic to your landing pages. 

Additionally, Google’s local search algorithms are friendly enough to allow for optimizations for local searches as well – enabling your business to benefit from it twofold.

PPC can Work on a Budget

Paying for posting your ad on Google search doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. The cost per click you incur usually brings back a much higher ROI – so it doesn’t matter in the end how much you end up paying for a click. For example, in a competitive industry like real estate, say the CPC is $30; however, each conversion will fetch you in excess of $1,000 – so the numbers all add up.

Depending on which industry your business works in, the cost per click varies. For some industries, it is as low as $1 or $2 per lead – for others, as high as $50 per click.

PPC can Run Multiple Campaigns

The best part about the digital universe is that there exist many channels to get in touch with consumers – and paid advertisements can run on all of them. Generating ads to place in locations that consumers are frequenting helps to get the maximum return from investment. Social media, for example, is a highly lucrative digital real estate where people spend most of their time when using mobile phones. Placing paid advertisements on channels like Instagram or YouTube have a high likelihood of conversion.

Similarly, other channels like WhatsApp are also places where a lot many users can be reached through your marketing campaigns. Pushing offers or incentive links through instant messaging is a good way to let the customers know what your brand is offering.

The best part is, all of these campaigns can run simultaneously.


At the outset, paid advertisements may seem like a heavy investment - a tool that businesses would rather not touch because of the expenses involved. However, in the competitive digital space, paid ads have kind of become necessary to garner consumer attention if you are serious about boosting conversions and growing your business through digital channels.

If you want to share advance Digital Marketing techniques with us then feel free to Write For Us on Digital marketing related topics.

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