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How to Use 6 GOOGLE ADS Strategies Like a Pro?

 If you are ready to spend money on different platforms to increase your website traffic and revenue, at first, selecting the right platform is a must. But, in that case, what can be better than Google? Since the birth of Google Ads, it has never looked back.

But, how well do you know the Google Ads strategies? Well, go through this guide and learn the top 6 Google Ads strategies and use them like a pro for a quick and effective outcome. 

GOOGLE ADS Strategies

1. Get your hands on a PPC planning template: 

Creating the perfect Google ad is a lot more than writing abrupt copies. It is all about focusing on the right keywords, the proper budget, and the right pay-per-click rate. If you intend for a unique Google ad present, make sure to get your hands on the perfect PPC planning template. Contact a good PPC agency and ask them for a template. This PPC planner always makes your page organized. With a suitable PPC ad kit, you will learn about 

● PPC bidding (it will enable you to learn what is the best pay per click rate in the market) 

● How to set up and optimize your Google ad campaign budget 

● The strategy of finding the best set of keywords 

● How to use templates in the right way to timely report on campaign 

● Employing a PPC checklist for optimizing your Google ad campaign 

● The way of testing landing pages for a significant conversion rate 

So, contact a PPC agency for more information.

2. Enhance your Quality Score (QS): 

The core of ranking higher on Google is improving your quality score on Google. It is simple math where you have to provide your target audiences with high-level, top-notch, and quality content. Please note that the quality of your ad will decide your rank on Google. If you pass the quality check and get a good rank on Google, the popularity of your ad will increase within a few days. The more people will watch your ad, the more you will gain profit. But, remember, telling you your Quality Score is Google’s job, not telling the way and strategy of creating quality content. So, you are the only one responsible for creating good ads and increasing your quality score on Google. 

3. Take time and create a perfect keyword strategy gradually: 

Introducing a perfect keyword strategy is the number one essential for assuring your Google ads are working at a pro-level. However, please avoid using broad keywords. If you do so, Google will place your ad in front of the wrong audiences, which will cost you money without giving a profitable outcome. 

Let’s have a look at some advanced keyword strategies you should follow for a top-notch result: 

● Use Google's Keyword Planner and other research tools every day to get your hands on powerful and trendy long-tail keywords 

● Keep a close eye on the section of negative keywords so that your ad's terms can consciously hurt those who click irrelevantly and unnecessarily. 

● Use Google’s Search Term Report to get an up-to-date keyword list and understand what people are searching for the most, what they are loving, which is currently trending, etc. 

● Take your top keyword and place it on the Google search bar to see what content is coming up first. It will surely make you understand what is hot on the market. 

4. Never run irrelevant ads: 

Sometimes people tend to run irrelevant ads to attract the crowd. However, it does not work almost any time. When you run irrelevant ads that do not match your audiences' objective, it does not receive the target clicks. As a result, your expenditure on your ad does not get justified, and you get paid lower. 

So, always make sure that the headline and content of your ad match each other. So, if you are not getting the expected result on your Google ad, make sure to check out whether the ad you are running all that time is relevant or not. Then, make sure to create a high-quality, highly responsive, and relevant ad for a pro-level outcome. 

5. Make sure to check all Google Ads variants before finalizing one: 

When you go shopping what do you do? Of course, you try on all the dresses and finally pick one. So, there is also no exception when it comes to Google ads. It means that you should test all Google ads variants before selecting the one. Your goal has to be selecting the relevant, profitable, and suitable variant from the long list to ensure high-level performance and maximum revenue. 

The best way to do it is to use Google Ads Variants. With this effective tool, you can effortlessly try out different variations of your ad, including headlines, promotions, descriptions, and even landing pages. Have a look at the steps: 

● Firstly, sign in to your Google Ads account 

● Press Drafts and Experiments, and click Ad Variations 

● Select the variation you want to run and press on the + sign to add an ad

● Use filters if you want 

● Click continue 

6. Carefully optimize your ad landing page: 

If your ad landing page does not work seamlessly, all efforts taken by you will get wasted. So, along with developing a perfect Google Ad, you have to make sure that the landing page is precise as well so that audiences can get satisfaction with your ad campaign. 

Have a look at the quick tips and develop the perfect landing page for your Google ad today. 

● Opt for a benefit-focused heading 

● Use an image to portray the offer 

● Write binding copy 

● Incorporate the lead from above the fold 

● Do not forget about a clear and relevant CTA

● Erase all navigation 

● Build a responsive and communicative page 

● Optimize for search 

● Add a thank you page for sure 


So, if you want to increase your sales potential, Google Ads should be an inevitable part of your paid strategy. But, a regular Google Ad is not enough since the market is highly competitive. So, follow these tips, and create and use Google Ads like a pro. 

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