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What is Snoopza? Get To Know About Free Android Phone Tracker App Snoopza

  Snoopza is the free android phone tracking app by using which you can track the location and other essential information about your Smartphone. In today’s scenario we can’t think of trust from anyone so Snoopza is the best app to keep track of phone activities of the people that you care for.


More About Snoopza

It might be the fact that you have the habit of misplacing your phone, but now it is not more an issue if Snoopza app is installed on your phone as with the help of this tracker app you will be able to track your stolen or misplaced phone.

Using Snoopza parents can even track the phone activities of their keep to keep them on safe track. Employers can even get information about their employees when they are in office. You can spy over different apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, Viber, Facebook, Skype using this app.

Why To Use Snoopza?

Snoopza is the app that should be used with positive intention. It is the licensed app so it has no intentions to harm anyone. If your concerned person is going on the wrong path then by using this app you can get them to the right path. Using Snoopza tracker app you can change the life of a person for a better. Here are the reasons due to which you should have Snoopza app.

Child Safety:

Most of the parents are having sleepiness nights now days because their child spends a considerable amount of time on cell phones. Why to worry when Snoopza app is there for you where you can track all the activities that your child is performing on the cell phone whether it would be related to get exposed to pornographic contents, cybercrimes etc.

Marriage Security:

Spouses use such tracking app to keep an eye on their beloved. Some people interact with the strangers on internet in spite of having married so this app works best for them.

Corporate Security:

Using this tracing app employer can keep an eye on employees’ mobile phone activities when they are in office. 

Features of Snoopza Tracker App

There are a variety of Snoopza mobile tracking app features that helps you in helps you in your real life situations.

Track Applications: Snoopza allows tracking all the activities that you are performing on your social media apps that has been installed on your Android phone. You can keep an eye on all the chats, likes, followers and other more activities of social networking sites.

Location Tracking: If your mobile get misplaced or has stolen by anyone then you can track all the information of the person who is involved in this activity like where that suspicious person is going and following which path.

Tracking SMS and MMS too:  You can also get to know about the SMS and MMS that other person sends or receives. You can tack all the conversations that being take place by using this tracker app.

Record Phone Calls: You can even record the telephonic conversations that take place on other’s phone.

Check Online History: The Snoopza app also allows you to keep track of all the activities that are being performed using different browsers that are installed on the other people phone of which you want to keep eye on. 

Pros and Cons of Using Snoopza Tracking App

Here are the pros and cons of using this app


• Simple to use

• You can effectively target the concerned person

• Cost Effective

• Installation process is very simple

• Works quiet well on android gadgets


• If makes your child feel offended

• Concerned person feels that his/her freedom is hampered

• Target person feels unsecured 


Snoopza is the one of the best phone tracking app that to get free of cost where you can track all the activities of the concerned person that they performs on android phone whether it would be browsing any website on browsers, chatting on social media networks, recording their telephonic conversations and lot more.

Frequently Asked Questions: Snoopza

Is it legit to use Snoopza?

It is the licensed app so and has no intensions to harm anyone. You can use this app for positive purpose.

We are required to get paid subscription to use Snoopza?

You can enjoy all the functionalities of Snoopza tracking app that to be free of cost.

Is it possible to track social media activities using Snoopza?

Yes you can spy over different apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, Viber, Facebook, Skype using this app.

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