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3 Ways to monitor Instagram on iphone& Android

 Social messaging apps are free communication services serving us over several years. You can visit the web and download the instant messaging app that also known as a photo-sharing application. You can download the messaging app by visiting the play store. Instagram has become widespread among teens and it has recently added the like button, and today millions of teens are spending hours and hours on the messaging app no time ever before. 

People like parents are trying their best to monitor kids’ on iPhone and Android devices. Parents are more likely to track kid’s instant messaging apps to get rid of parental concerns. They are looking for ways to monitor social networks on cell phones.

Why do parents want to monitor Instagram? 

There are plenty of reasons that force parents to monitor and track social messaging apps. Parents want to monitor Instagram, and they have no other way but to soy on kid’s phones. Before we discuss how you can track Instagram on android and iPhone, you need to know about the top reasons. 

Top reasons to monitor Photo-sharing app 

Here are the top reasons that force parents to monitor kid’s cell phones to monitor social messaging apps like Instagram and others. 

Cyber Bullying

Every young child could face online bullying once or twice in their life. Young kids are more likely to bully online because they spend most of their time on social messaging apps.  They send and receive messages, chats, voice and video calls. They interact online with strangers and often become the victim of online predators like cyber bullies, sex –offenders, and stalkers.

Social media addiction

Social messaging apps are popular among children, and they love to download messaging apps like Instagram where you can win the followers with reels also, Facebook, Snapchat, and many more. Therefore, they used to post photos, videos, and media. So, kids are more likely to become addicted to social messaging apps and social networks no time ever before.


Young teens these days are also sending and receiving sexting not from their significant others, also from strangers. Adult predators send sexting images, photos, videos, and many more things to young teens to groom them online. Therefore, parents should spy on their kid’s photo-sharing applications to protect kids from sexting. You can also prevent teens from sharing their private photos, videos, and nudes with strangers.


Cell phone devices and instant messaging apps are responsible for excessive screen time. Young kids do many activities on social networks and often got distracted due to social media and cellphone notifications. Young teens check their phones after every 20 minutes. They don’t want to miss social media notifications. They love to capture photos and videos and share them on photo-sharing applications.

3 Ways to monitor Instagram using Android spy software

When comes to spying on photo-sharing applications, you need to get your hands on the instgram spy app. Users can visit the webpage of the cell phone spy app for android and get a subscription. Users need to log in to the email inbox and get their hands on the credentials. Parents need to have access to the kid’s phone and end up with the configuration process. Use credentials and activate the android spy web control panel to activate the features given below.

3 Best features to monitor Instagram on android 

Live screen recording

You can use the most powerful feature of the phone spy app and activate the screen recorder. It empowers you to record back-to-back short videos of the android screen and send the data to the dashboard. Parents can watch what kids are doing on photos sharing applications using an online dashboard.


Users can capture screenshots on the cell phone screen and schedule multiple screenshots at once to get more info about the photo-sharing application.

Social media spy

End-users can use the android spy dashboard and use social media messenger spy software. It empowers you to monitor messages logs, chat conversations, media, voice, and video call logs with the schedule. 

These are the top 3 ways and features of android spying app to monitor Instagram on cell phone devices to the fullest. 

Ways to monitor Instagram using iPhone spy software 

Instagram monitoring app is the best tool for parents to set parental control on iPhones. You can get a subscription to the iPhone spy solution and install it on jailbreak devices. Further, you can use the online dashboard and activate features that monitor social media apps and provide logs like text messages, chats, VoIP calls, and many more. iPhone spy has only one feature that monitors every messaging app on iOS devices.  


Worried parents can get rid of all parental concerns because they can monitor and track instant messaging apps like Instagram on kid’s phones. They can monitor photo-sharing applications on android and iPhone, but they have to get their hands on the best cell phone monitoring software.

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