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Find Best Suitable Hosting Server

 Whether you are a startup or an individual,you will need a suitable hosting plan for your web/ mobile application. Finding a suitable hosting server at a price that is within your budget is not an easy task. Before choosing a hosting provider, it is essential to have a basic idea of your website's web traffic. To know about the web traffic of your website, you can also take the help of online tools. Once have a clear idea of what kind of audience and geography your website or application is going to serve, you can start looking for the hosting provider. Don’t just rush yourself by choosing cheap web hosting services. Cheap hosting providers make money by putting ads on your website.  

Consider the following points before finding and choosing a hosting provider: -

• Understand the need of your website – Before choosing any hosting provider, you need to know what purpose your website is going to serve. Are you getting website made for marking your online presence or sharing information about your products/services or selling your products/services?Based on this, you will be able to foresee how many visitors you should expect, if you would require any CMS etc. The requirements might seem basic to many developers and business owners but they are really important before finalizing any hosting server.

• Make sure to ask for server reliability and uptime from the hosting provider before choosing any hosting plan. 24*7 uptime for a website is really important, especially if you plan to cater to multiple geographies with different time zones which means visitors may access your website round the clock like in case. There are plenty of online resources where you can track hosting provider reviews, but checking uptime scores is more than enough to know whether the hosting provider is stable or not. Generally, industry-standard uptime is 99.95% and below 99% should be strictly avoided. 

• Hosting server pricing is another important aspect when choosing a hosting provider. Whenever you’re going for a web hosting plan, remember one thing we get what we pay for. Choosing the cheapest hosting provider online won’t guarantee you excellent uptime, reliability, and other factors that are involved in hosting, rather, you should go for a hosting provider that has a good working history in the market and offers a price that is affordable for you.

Talking more about hosting server price, you can’t stick to a single plan forever.As your website scales up in terms of visitors and interactions, you also will need to scale up your hosting plan. If you choose to stay with the basic hosting plan that you chose at the onset of your website,you’ll end up losing a lot of clients when they actually visit your website. While searching on the internet, you might come across a lot of free hosting services, but remember; while they may suffice in the beginning, continuing to use free hosting services will not let you scale up your business on the internet. What’s more, free hosting services don’t care about your website or data; they will simply post unnecessary ads on your website because nothing is free on the internet. According to experts using free web hosting services is not recommended, as companies that offer free web hosting services make money by other ways.Instead, search on the internet and go for a budget and reliable web hosting provider that cares for your website and data. A good hosting provider understands their clients very well and recommends them good hosting plan with value pricing. 

• Opt for a hosting provider like Go4hosting, DigitalOcean, etc. that offers all types of hosting choices, viz, shared server, virtual private server or dedicated server, so that you can scale up or down as and when needed. A lot of hosting plans marketed online only offer shared server, opting for which may require you to change your provider after sometime.

If you’re a big organization and your website receives a huge amount of web traffic, you should definitely go for a dedicated server. If you understand the importance of your website consumers. You’ll clearly figure out the necessity of having a dedicated server. Dedicated server provides full control which means you can configure its environment as per your needs. You can install an operating system that can complete your task efficiently. Once you’ve opted for a dedicated server, you don’t need to pay for hardware maintenance. You might see a dedicated server high on price but in long run, you need to do a heavy investment. Doing heavy investment in the beginning will definitely give a good return, as you’ll receive large web traffic and that web traffic can be easily handled by a dedicated server.


Now you see that finding a reliable hosted server or dedicated server at affordable price is not a cakewalk and will take effort, as you need to see a lot about your requirement as well as the hosting provider. But an initial effort will save you lots of money and disappointment later on.

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