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Benefits of SIM-Only Plan

 Are you looking for the best SIM-only plan in Singapore that suits your individual needs? If yes, then M1 has exactly what you are looking for. M1 SIM-only plan gives customers the flexibility to cancel their plans anytime they wish without a termination fee or admin fee. 

SIM-Only Plan

The SIM-only plan will also not tie you down to a two-year commitment. The M1 SIM-only plan is the best choice for people who want to enjoy quality network services at an affordable price. For more information about SIM-only deals offered by M1, visit In this article, we will discuss the benefits of switching to SIM-only plans offered by M1.


What is a SIM-only plan?

The SIM-only plan is a plan where you only pay for your network usage as opposed to your usage and the cost of the handset. Research shows that more than a third of mobile users prefer a SIM-only plan due to the flexibility that it provides. Affordability and limited improvements on new phones are also one of the main reasons why many people prefer the SIM-only plan.

Benefits of SIM-only plan

● Flexible contracts

One of the benefits of choosing the SIM-only plan from M1 is that you will get to enjoy flexible contracts. In fact, when you choose the MI SIM-only plan, you will have the freedom to terminate your contract any time you wish without worrying about the termination fee or admin fee as is the case with other Telco networks. This means that if you want to change from one plan to another, you don’t have to wait until your contract expires in order to do so; you can change your plan anytime. The flexibility that the M1 SIM-only plan provides means that you will always get value for your money.

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● More affordable

You will not only enjoy Flexible contracts when you switch to SIM-only but you will also pay less. The M1 SIM-only plan is the most cost-effective plan in the country. When you choose this plan, you will not pay for the handset and your network at the same time, you will only pay for your network, which makes it more affordable. Additionally, M1 has amazing deals on the SIM-only plan, which makes it even more affordable. When you choose SIM only at M1, you will only pay for what you want. For instance, if you buy data bundles and you realize later that the plan is too much for you, you will only wait for a month to switch to a cheaper deal.

● You can swap your phone any time

When you choose an M1 SIM-only plan you will have the freedom to swap your phone anytime you feel like it. So, if you want to upgrade your phone, you can do so anytime because no contract has tied you up. Additionally, your phone will not be locked to the M1 network, meaning you can switch to another network if you want to. With a SIM only plan from M1, you will have total control over your phone usage.

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