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What Does the Asus WiFi Repeater Smart LED Indicator Indicate?

 The Asus WiFi Repeater has an efficient mobile setup with the help of the AiMesh mode that can boost the range of the WiFi connection. Along with that, it has two external high gain antennas which can simply boost up the speed of the existing routers and provide whole-home coverage. Also, it has a smart LED indicator system that allows you to find the perfect location for your router with the repeater. Also provides the optimum wifi performance with a secure setup of the repeater. You need to press the WPS button and the setup is done.

The Asus router app remote connection provides wide features that completely allow you to enable parental control, guest mode, Air protection mode when it is connected to the AiMesh network. With the support of the mobile app, every feature of the repeater is at your fingertips. You can also customize the network security settings that flawlessly support all the wireless routers.

Fix the LED Indicator system of the Asus WiFi Repeater 

The Asus WiFi Repeater provides you with the best networking experience everywhere in your house. With the help of the roaming assistant, you can get stability in the network connection whether you are in the office or in the house. It easily reaches all the blind spots and kills them with its high-speed wifi connection. The installation of the Asus repeater does not require any CD, it can be configured without CD. The smart LED indicators help you to find the optimum location so that it provides you reliable and stable internet connectivity.

LED Lights and their indication

The LED light of the Asus repeater indicates a different light that helps you to find the appropriate location for your router. You can find five modes that guide you about internet connectivity and the signal condition. 

The on or off power button you will find on the panel of the repeater simply tells you that your repeater is powered on or off. The existing network indicates whether the network connection is connected to your router or not. Move closer button indicates that you should move closer to your router as it has not had enough wifi range. The move away button allows you to go far from your device because the device is too close and the device is also not able to provide enough internet connection. When both lights are off that means you have to find the proper distance for your repeater and when both lights are on it means you have to find the accurate position to place your repeater with the router.

Ethernet LED light

If the ethernet LED is on that means that the ethernet port is successfully connected to the repeater. If it does not, that means you should try to connect it again. Unplug the ethernet cable from the device and replug it after waiting for a few seconds.

WiFi LED light

The WiFi LED light blinks two different colors which indicate the different meanings of wifi connection. Firstly, the green LED light means that your repeater is receiving optimum wifi connection and provides great performance. Another one is the red LED light which indicates that your device is getting poor wifi range. If the device does not blink any LED, it means the repeater is not powered up properly from the power source. So try to reconnect it properly.

Setup of the Asus WiFi Repeater 

First of all, find the appropriate location for your router with the repeater. So you get a strong internet connection. The smart LED indicator helps you to find the ideal location. After that, you can configure the two helpful ways. Setup with the user interface or with the help of the WPS button.

Setup with the help of the web user interface

Make sure that your computer or laptop should have internet access or if possible try to use the WiFi-enabled device that can easily connect to the wireless network. Then open a web browser on your computer and type login to access the login page. Now enter your username and password and follow on-screen instructions carefully. After that enter the security key and then enter the SSID network name and set it as a default and then click on the Next button.

Setup Via WPS Button

This is the simplest and easiest method to configure the settings of the router with the repeater. Press the WPS button of the router for more than ten seconds until the LED starts blinking and then release it. You can also try this method when the web user interface is not working. For further action, you can take help from the manual.

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