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Different types of SaaS Applications

 You can use many different applications to improve your company's processes and workflows. We have analysed more than 150 various SaaS Software that help to grow global companies. Below, we present several categories and SaaS products that could assist you in running your business better.

The management of the company

Company management is one of the most intriguing challenges. There are SaaS applications to help you better manage your company.

Time tracking and planning for your employees

It might not be the most effective way to record the amount of time you devote to a particular task. Still, certain SaaS apps can help you and your team members organize their time better (e.g., knowing how much time a team spends on specific projects) and communicate with each other with greater ease (e.g., making work time schedules and reporting on sick/holiday leaves.


TimeCamp is a very simple app that is focused on a single activity -- tracking time. It allows you to track the time you spend on certain tasks, projects, and activities. It can also instantly determine how long you devote to certain websites.


Planday is an HTML0-based application that allows you to plan the work hours of your employees and team members. To keep track of time and communicate with your team members, you can use either desktop or mobile apps. Additionally is that you can use it to report and manage sick leave as well as vacation plans.

The visualizing and organizing of work on projects

Managing projects when you're working on them on your own is simple. However, it becomes difficult when you begin to work with your team members on more complicated workflows and tasks. Tools for managing projects help you manage multiple tasks and roles within your team. You can also keep your team up-to-date with the progress of the project by using these tools.


Monday is a sophisticated application for managing projects, which lets its users plan and track the progress of projects. It's a user-friendly application that enables you to personalize your projects based on its type. In addition, Monday is a great tool for visual project presentations. It allows you to visualize your workflow plan using Gantt charts.

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork is a more advanced project management tool that will aid you in managing your projects and responsibility. You can plan, divide and share specific activities with your group. It also allows you to establish deadlines and keep track of progress. With detailed charts and reports, it lets you examine the results of your work quickly.


Trello, A popular free program that lets you manage your projects, is very popular. It's easy to use and allows users to organize their tasks and projects with the pre-designed layout, which is not adjustable. In addition, Trello can be connected to other cloud-based apps like Google Drive and Slack. The majority of connections, however, require a premium version of the application.

Your team can share the contact details and information of your customers with them

How many times has your business had 2 people contact the same person? If it's an event that's been repeated more than at least once, you'll understand the importance of contact sharing. Today's business applications in the SaaS world provide more than just contacts sharing. They offer automated contact detection and integration of email.


Salesflare is an innovative automated online CRM software that lets you share your contacts within your team in one place. It automatically detects people you've previously contacted via your email and organizes it into a simple list of references and accounts. A visible pipeline allows you to manage the flow and progress of sales deals/stages.


Pipedrive is an online CRM application that is focused on precise sales planning. You can directly send emails through the app to your customers and leads and integrate with any mail service. In addition, Pipedrive allows you to easily schedule activities with your prospects and then incorporate them with your Google Calendar.

You are quickly communicating with your team

Transparency and communication are key factors in any business or project's achievement. And while chatting through iMessage or FB Messenger may be a good idea when the team is small, it's important to keep and organize the communications in a separate and accessible location.


Slack is the most popular communication application, letting you manage your business communications in one place. With Slack, you can easily set up specific channels to easily create chats to particular departments or projects. Slack is well-known for its connections with other apps, letting users easily connect set-up notifications from other apps such as project management software. The big advantage of the Slack application is the ability to search through the conversations quickly. is your alternative online for Skype video conversations. To start the video chat, all you have to do is send a link to your participants. They will then be able to join the discussion using any internet browser. It is possible to communicate with large groups quickly or join a text chat or warm up the conversation with emoticons. In skype there is an extra feature that you can easily spy on deleted message of skype.

Control of accounting and finance as well as the issue of invoices

The management of budget, finance, and payments are most likely taken care of by an accountant or CFO. However, if you are unable to manage it, you could consider using cloud-based software to manage your finances and accounting and invoicing online.


Freshbooks can be used to manage invoices and accounting. For example, it allows you to create and modify the layout of your invoice. It can also be connected to a payment system that automatically detects invoice payment and increases your financial management efficiency.


Invoicera is a free software for invoicing that lets you issue invoices for up to three customers in the free version. Additionally, it provides simple tools for managing projects if you're looking to manage all your tasks within one device.

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