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Smart Square Mercy - Staff Scheduling Tool Login at com 2023

Mercy software uses the advance technology that helps the hospital to keep track record of their patients. It is a fully secured software and one can access it by using cellphone. You just need to enter a password to get access of this staff scheduling tool. Hospital staff can enjoy the benefits of this software as they can maintain the record of patients and hospital staff and can easily use it anywhere. Here in this blog we will guide you how to have Smart Square Mercy login to fully avail the functionality of this software.

Mercy Smart Square

What is Smart Square Mercy?

Specially designed for the healthcare industry, Mercy Smart Square is a comprehensive scheduling tool. It helps the organization to efficiently schedule or manage the appointments, patients details, time in which staff can meet the patients etc. It fulfill all the business needs as it allow the hospital staff to add or remove any patients detail and you can even customize the calendar as per your convenience. Key points that it covers are cyclic scheduling, self scheduling, shift change data etc.

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More About Mercy Healthcare Organisation

Sisters of Mercy founded it in 1986, It is a healthcare organization that is having its headquarters in Chesterfield, United States. Over three million people over the year are served by this mercy healthcare organization. It does not remains constraint within one state but it provide services across 4 states within having somewhat around 2,100 Mercy primary and specialty care physicians, many practitioners and having more than 300 offices all round.

Their main focus areas are 

  • Healthcare policies
  • Funding for elder and needy people
  • Provide a behavioral health clinic for adolescents

Health Care Services it provides

  • cancer treatment
  • vascular health services
  • orthopedic services
  • maternal-fetal medicines
  • urology services
  • throat services
  • etc.

How does Mercy Smart Square work?

When you log into your Smart Square Mercy account you will see your custom dashboard over there. By using this scheduling feature you can easily manage the schedule of your personnel by managing the settings over there like you can add as well as delete the client to schedule emergency staff. Not only the high level authorities but staff can easily access this scheduling Tool and check their daily schedules and other information about their patients and appointments. Unlike other scheduling systems you can easily manage Smart Square Mercy and customize it as per your convenience so that you can effectively manage your schedule.

Features of Smart Square Mercy

Nursing leaders get information of their Co Workers

By making use of Mercy smart board patients can post the reminders and even add notes for their care team. This tool even allows the nursing leaders to see their co workers appointments as well as other personal details.  Mercy Smart Square tool help the healthcare department to easily manage the duties of their staff in an efficient way. They can even work on appointments by making use of this tool. It is a useful tool for the non nursing department also.

Easy to Use Interface

Easy to use interface is another feature of Smart Square Mercy. It helps to manage the application in a well defined manner and make sure that all the staff members have access to see important information being shared. It also allows the staff and nursing members to manage their day to day schedule. this staff scheduling tool at com helps the managers to monitor the schedule and the performance of their employees. By using this tool nurses can manage more patient appointments with less effort. And they will be able to spend more time with the patients. This all have become possible due to Smart Square intuitive design.

Employees can get Mobile access to Mercy Smart Square software

Employees, nurses and all other staff members get mobile access of this software so there is no need to open the PC or laptop but they can easily manage their schedule from their mobile. For coordinating shifts it seems to be much more useful. Smart Square Mercy is much more useful while interacting with the employees and clients. Managers can keep an eye on their team members by using this software and manage their schedule.

Limit access to certain areas

One of the most important features of this software is its ability to limit access to certain areas. There can be restricted access of the software based upon user groups, status, and internet connection.  IP address can also be hidden. This ensures the safety of you and your patient as you will get to know about the person who tries to access your information. 

Premium Version

In premium version of Smart Square Mercy, patient information gets entered in more precise manner. For occasional clinic visits basic version works well but the premium version consists of more sophisticated features like patient education modules. Premium version is also available for mobile. You can safely browse this software. 

If Smart Square software is successfully installed on your PC then it will display your business logo and its website. The individual network IDs of the employees will also be displayed by using this software. System is handy and easy to use. In just fraction of seconds you can schedule appointments by using this software.

Helpdesk Contact Information

If you are facing any sort of difficulty while login to your account that you have created on Smart Square Mercy portal then you can easily contact help desk and information are as below:

Mercy Service Center Phone Number: 1-866-440-3399 

Non-Medical Issues MyMercy Number: 888-986-3729

Official Website of Mercy Healthcare Organization :

Smart Square Mercy Login Official Website:

Wrapping Up

In this article we have tried to give you a detailed overview of Mercy Smart Square portal and its additional features. By using this software all the staff members can manage their schedules and managers can keep an eye on their employees.

Frequently Asked Questions: Smart Square Mercy

Is Mercy Smart Square works on Phone?

Yes you can browse Smart Square Mercy software on your phone also.

Can Mercy Smart Square be used on Android?


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