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Modern Day Advancements And How Are They Impacting The Life Of Elderly People

Online doctor appointments are helping people in saving their time. Science and technology advancements have improved the standards of living for all ages. When it comes to elderly people, these advancements have helped them in fighting against diseases. The activities of daily life have been made easier by using the latest technologies. There are positive and negative aspects of these advancements. This article will explain the impacts of these modern advancements on elderly people. 


Positive Impacts

The impact of modern technologies is huge on the lives of the elderly. Their life quality has greatly improved with the help of efficient technologies. Following are the positive impacts of these advancements on elderly people. 


Helps In Performing Routine Activities

We all are aware that aging comes with pain and injuries. These advancements have helped in managing pain by providing modern machines for pain relief. The body of the elderly starts to decline. FCP medical describes that the joints and muscles of elderly people often stop functioning. This can create problems for them. Elderly people who are suffering from joint diseases cannot even perform their activities of daily life normally because of excruciating pain. These daily activities include moving from one place to another and walking in a stable posture. Technology is here to rescue them. The presence of walking aids such as electric wheels and crutches have helped in gaining their ability to perform ADL. These walking aids are a beneficial source of keeping your elders on the go. Hearing aids are also helping them in listening clearly. 


Providing Them Access To Their Hobbies

Elderly people often like to read. Sometimes they are bedridden because of a chronic illness. They cannot go to libraries to enjoy reading just like they used to do when they were old. Hi-tech devices are getting them all what they want. They can easily read their favorite books online on tablets and smartphones. It has become easier to watch movies or shows as well. They can easily kill their time when their children are at work. It keeps them busy and doesn’t make them feel lonely. Researches have shown that now elderly people are developing an interest in using social media apps. They feel happy to reconnect to their old fellows. 


Booking The Online Appointments

It is a stressful thing when elderly people have to go to the hospital. They already have serious health conditions, and they find it hard to go to the hospital. With the help of an online platform, they can now easily book their appointments. Many medical setups are shifting towards online setups because they know the needs of elderly people. There are apps for keeping the records and tracks of the histories of elderly people to provide them the best possible solutions. Different online medical services offer 24/7 services. If the patients feel uncomfortable or restless at any hour of the night, they can easily contact their doctors. There are many online nutritionists and dieticians who provide diet plans specifically for elderly people. With the help of the emerging platforms online, the ease of access to the health care provider has become a lot easier.  


IoT facilities

The best advancements for elderly people is the IOT facility. IoT is the internet of things, and it means that you can connect your internet with various devices. The best combination of modern-day technologies with the internet has made it easier for elderly people to monitor things. They can link their devices to the internet to make things a lot simpler for them. These devices are present particularly in old houses, nursing homes, and areas where elderly people are living independently. The function of these devices revolves around the monitoring of the security systems and health. Elderly people also connect with the outside world by using these devices. 

For health monitoring, the contour and FreeStyle Libre systems are present to monitor the levels of glucose in the body. The high levels alert the patients to contact a doctor immediately. The presence of IoT for senior citizens has helped in alerting the doctors to know if something is wrong. Using a wearable SureSafe helps the elderly in detecting falls when they are walking to prevent any injury and risk. For the security monitoring, ADT security and Luna lights are playing an important role in keeping a check on the break-ins and the overall security of the house. 


Management Of Pain

The management of pain has become easier with the help of advancements. Now elderly people don’t have to wait to go to the doctor or physiotherapists to reduce the pain. Various self Biocare devices help reduce pain. The Lumiwave is an infra-red therapy that helps in reducing pain. Similarly, doctors have also used advanced ways to provide relief to the elderly without them having to take heavy medications. The side effects of medications can be destructive as well. The bodies of the elders are already weak, and they cannot bear the side effects. Physiotherapists are using hi-tech machines to reduce pains within seconds. The use of ultrasound therapy and TENS has helped them to provide relief to their elderly patients. 



The drawback of these advancements is the distance. The generation gap is becoming stronger because of these advancements. The independent lifestyle for the elderly is making them feel alone. It leads to many mental issues as well. Depression is commonly seen in elders. We cannot deny the benefits of these advancements, but at the end of the end, they are decreasing the quality of the bond between the elderly people and youth.  

Online doctor appointments are easier for elderly people, and they save time as well. Modern-day advancements have a huge impact on the lives of elderly people. The living quality has been surprisingly improved. With the help of hearing and walking aids, they can enjoy things and live peacefully. The IoT devices are helping them to monitor their health and the security of houses. The only drawback that comes with these advancements is the distance between the generations.

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