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How to Get Free Discord Nitro Codes? (100% working, Try it)

 Discord is a free platform for like-minded people to join communities and start conversion via texting, videos, or audio. Discord also assists in sharing screens with users, especially people from the gaming community who are taking its advantage. 

discord nitro free code

Most people use the free discord option, but if you want to unlock the hidden features of Discord, you have to go with the Discord premium plan. Some people also use Discord to stream their favorite movies and TV Shows. You can easily learn how to stream Netflix on Discord . The subscription plan of discord plan lets you enjoy superpowers and a cool gaming experience. Due to the amazing features of Discord, gaming fans always look for a way to get discord nitro codes free. Even if you are wondering about the same, keep in mind there are several ways to get discord nitro. You just need to pick the right one. 

The blog also discusses a list of a few options, but before that, let’s have a look at what Discord nitro is for newbies. If you are already aware of it, you can directly switch to methods of getting free nitro discord code. 

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What is Discord Nitro? 

Discord Nitro is a premium version of Discord Clone that allows users to pay and enjoy advanced features such as custom emojis, custom discord number tags, animated gifs, avatars, etc. Launched on 23 January 2017, Discord nitro allows users to enjoy the most popular gaming chat platform.  

Discord nitro is available on two different types of plans, having different features and pricing. Paying for the plan -classic or premium, unlock certain features. 


Discord Nitro: Plans and pricing models 

There are three different discord business models to engage more users. One is free, and two are paid - classic and premium plans. Let’s check;

1. Free Discord Plan: The tier is free to use. You just need to register with an account via email and start using it. Discord will allow you to create a server, stream for sharing screen, group audios, text, and video chats at no cost. 

2. Discord Nitro Classic: The plan starts from $4.99 per month and $49.99 annually. You will get access to most features, except access to server boost.

3. Discord Nitro: The discord Nitro plan begins from $9.99 per month to $99.99 annually. Users can take advantage of incredible features by collecting and making their own custom animated emojis. You can also send a 100MB file with Discord Nitro.  

What can you do with Discord Nitro?

One question comes to my mind, “if I get most services free in discord, then what does discord nitro do?” 

● Share Custom emoji sharing 

● High-Quality Screen Sharing

● Animated Gif avatar and custom tag

● Increase file upload size to 50-100MB

● Discord Nitro boost to increases file upload size and emoji slots 

● Go with high-quality video for go-live streaming

Is Discord nitro worth it?

Looking at the increasing demand for discord nitro, most people might be wondering, is discord nitro worthy or not. Bear in mind, if you want to use discord nitro just to chat with friends or explore the gaming community, then discord nitro is not a healthy choice for you. 

On the other hand, if you are using Discord professionally, like running a gaming server, discord nitro will be a powerful and useful asset for your business. 

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How to Get Discord Nitro Codes?

Here we have found some ways to use Discord Nitro for free by using codes. Check out which method you want to stay with.

Get Nitro From Discord.

Let’s have a look at the most obvious method - getting discord nitro directly from discord officials. Sometimes discord officials float a message or put advertisements on official websites regarding free discord nitro usage for a certain time. You can find such an offer and avail the benefits without paying a penny. Like in 2018, Discord shared code for the first time for 100 people at the Gamescom booth. Such offers work as golden opportunities for discord users. 

- Collaboration

Sometimes Discord collaborates with other major platforms such as YouTube Premium, Epic Games store, or more. If you subscribe to their plan, you will get an email for a discord nitro-free code. Adding that code in discord nitro can help you to unlock the excellent features of Discord free or cost. Best of all, it’s like two birds with one stone. You will get a free subscription to two platforms at one cost. 

Remember, there is just a need to find out which platforms are collaborating with discord nitro. Also, Some platforms offer a few conditions, keep an eye on them too while paying for any collaboration plan.  

- Get it from a Connection.

If someone is there in your connections, such as family, friends, or colleagues, use the discord nitro platform. You can also ask him/her to share the code with you. Even most streamers use discord nitro codes. If there is something in your friend's connection, you can also request them for codes. 

- Discord Partners

If you own a server with high engagement and moderation features, you will be rewarded for building a meaningful community. You can go with a discord partnership agreement to get all the nitro perks. 

● Screenshare up to 1080p

● Animated GIF avatar

● Higher file upload cap 

● Custom emotes across servers and DMs

● Two free Server Boosts to buff the community 

● Custom emotes

Note: Be Aware of Online Generators to get Discord Nitro Codes

Some websites claim to give free codes but have higher chances that these could be fake. Sharing any sensitive information such as contact details, bank account number, email id, or others can be risky. Therefore, professionals always recommend saying no to such platforms. 

How to cancel discord nitro?

Now, the things get just opposite to the above, but it’s obvious that sometimes people want to break from paid subscription models. In that case, here we have steps to cancel discord nitro.

● Open the discord app and sign in with your existing account

● Go to your profile from the top right corner

● Select discord nitro and click on discord nitro and click confirm.

Your Discord will be canceled in three easy steps.

Wrapping up!!

I hope the article cleared all your doubts, from discord intro to what you can do with discord nitro. Now, once you are able to find if it is worth using discord nitro for you, go with a paid plan or pick any free methods to acquire it. Just make sure not to share personal information with any fake website. 

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