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What Is The Most Affordable Way To Build A Flipkart Clone App?

 The E-commerce sector is booming in the online marketplace which has created an impact in user’s lives. Some of the companies like Amazon and Flipkart started their business from selling books before setting venture in the e-commerce market.  Therefore, this is how they inspired individuals to come up with similar ideas to launch apps like Flipkart.   If you are a budding entrepreneur, you are on the right blog, which will enhance your spirit to  build an e-commerce app. 

Flipkart Clone App

Flipkart is a recognized multi-vendor ecommerce app that provides a platform for people to access various products and commodities from various service providers at a single destination. The pandemic has changed the lives of the common people. On the other hand, the online platforms were the ray of hope for vendors to carry-out their business operations. . Without further delay, let us shift on to the important part of the blog. 

Why Should You Prefer Launching A  Flipkart Clone App? 

If you have decided to build an on-demand multi-vendor app you will have to create from scratch and incorporating advanced features will enhance the app’s functionalities. If you feel too much of complexities and struggle in building an app like Flipkart you can then consider hiring an app development company to give you a turnkey solution. 

The app development companies provide ready-made solutions for entrepreneurs. In this case it widely helps you to relieve from the stress of building an on-demand multi-vendor app. 

Workflow Of The Flipkart Clone 

Step 1: You can make the vendors enlist their products on your app after a successful verification process. 

Step 2: Enable your  vendors to enlist the products they are providing to  the customers with alluring descriptions, pictures and 3D dimensions of them  

Step 3: Upon listing the products on the app, the users can start with shopping in the app.  They can sign up easily into your Flipkart clone app. 

Step 4: Listing the products based on the categories will allow the customers to feasibly browse the products in your app like Flipkart.

Step 5: Once the users wish to buy a product they can add them all in a cart. This helps them to do a single payment using any mode of transactions. 

Step 6: The vendors will receive the orders placed by the customers and they will in turn confirm the order delivery. 

Step 7: The users will get the tracking locations of the products. Once the delivery is completed, the delivery status shows success for both end-users. 

Step 8: Therefore, the buyers can rate their experiences with the purchase of the products.  

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What Are The Features That Needs To Be Integrated?

User registration - Enable the users to easily register themself with the app through their credentials like email address or phone number. 

Language Option - Adding numerous language options will help your app to reach a large audience base, globally. The more it connects the users, the more revenue can be generated. 

User Interface - The user should be able to utilize your app and navigate towards the products that they require without having too much trouble. To achieve this, you must ensure a user-friendly interface integrated into your app like Flipkart. 

Product Search - Let your users efficiently navigate to the products they require by browsing into the lists on the app

Search And  Filter - Employing advanced search filter options in the app  will help the users to use a filter option that guides them with the related content of the products. Therefore, it will lead the users with accurate results. 

Virtual Feature - You can allow your users to have a virtual view of the products from different brands and vendors. It can be either in a picture format or video format so that it will boost up the engagement of the audience on your e-commerce platform. 

Add to cart - The customers can add products to the cart that they wish to buy. Like mentioned earlier, this add to cart helps the users to buy the products from multi-vendors and complete the payment options in a single time. Once they have added the necessary products, they can proceed to make payment for the products. 

Wish List - The users may wish to buy the products but would not be able to afford them at present. After a few months searching for the exact product from a particular brand can be quite hard for the users. In this case, the users can save the product in the wish list option and can buy it on a hustle-free day.  

Product Review - Once the customers have received their ordered package, they can give a detailed review of the products. Reviewing and rating the product can boost the companies to make changes and consider the requirements put forth by the customers. This will lead the companies  to gain wide audiences. The buyers can also view the ratings given for a product before placing an order.  

Promotion and Discount Code - Who would say no to discounts and gift codes? You can keep the audience engaging and interactive with frequent promotional offers and discount code. However, they can avail these discount codes in the upcoming purchase.  

Development Process Of E-Commerce App Solution 

Like we have discussed before, you should focus on building an e-commerce app solution that fits all the platforms. Creating an app that works on both Android and iOS platforms will increase the number of users in the near future.. 

Secondly, incorporating your app with advanced technologies and UI/UX designs will be an add-on for the app to perform efficiently in the ecommerce market. 

Thirdly, opt for the best development company which has a dedicated team to build an e-commerce platform who can support you  through the development process.  

Cost Estimation For Deploying An App Like Flipkart 

The app development firm provides a ready-made solution which helps the entrepreneurs to consume their time and money. The app development company will have adequate knowledge about the latest technologies and current updates. The cost for the development of an app varies from one client to another client, because of which the  exact cost estimation cannot be predicted. You can interact with the leading app developers to know more about the services they provide for the entrepreneurs and the complete cost quotations.   

Winding Up 

In conclusion, it is a wonderful time for you to venture into the ecommerce industry with a Flipkart clone app. Strike into the online industry right away and boost your e-commerce business.

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