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How to Launch A Successful Taxi-Booking App like Uber: A Complete Guide

Remembering those days, people have to visit the travel agency or contact the operator to book a taxi. Or else, they have to wave their hands when the cab passes by. Now, the way people commute from one place to another has changed. They can book their taxi or cab through the taxi-booking app with just a few clicks/taps. 

taxi-booking app like Uber

The successful story of Uber: Why a similar taxi app?

• No one expected that Uber would gain such immense popularity when it was launched in March 2009. It disrupted the transportation industry. 

• In a short span after its inception, it got widely noticed by a certain set of people, becoming the best startup. With each passing day, the number of people using the app increased massively

• In 2020, its revenue generation was $11.1 billion. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Uber has faced some considerable challenges alongside losses as there were lockdown restrictions put forth by the government. 

• In 2021, it gradually regained momentum as the restrictions were relaxed. In the first quarter (Q1) of 2021, its revenue was approximately $2.9 billion.  

• Even though it witnessed a downfall, its comeback will hit the ride-hailing market straight away when people start to use taxi booking apps like before for commuting. 

• As per a recent report, Uber’s share market in the United States is about 68%. Furthermore, its monthly registered user base is growing gradually at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 48.74%. 

Inferring from these impressive figures, Uber has come a long way to attain greater heights that have set a mark for the upcoming startups. Being a pioneer, it sets an ideal example for any entrepreneur whoever wishes to launch a similar app with user-friendliness. 

Is there a need to launch a taxi booking app?

As we are about to come to the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are back to their state of using taxi booking apps. The ride-hailing industry is starting to bloom, and here’s why launching a taxi app is a top-notch business idea.

Uber Taxi Booking App

Enchanting stats of the ride-hailing industry:

• According to Statista, the global ride-hailing industry’s value stands at $258,385 million in 2021. 

• In addition to this, this sector’s net worth is expected to surge at a rate of 11.02%, reaching $392,580 million by the end of 2025. 

This indicates there is a good scope for this industry in the upcoming years. Be wise enough to enter the ride-hailing & taxi sector with an Uber Clone app.  

Well, anyone can make use of this app solution. Do you own a taxi business already? Take it ahead further with a taxi booking app. Are you the one who is actively looking for better opportunities to initiate a successful business? Take advantage of this solution, establish yourself as a successful taxi business owner, and reinvent the industry. 

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Aspects to consider when establishing a taxi business with Uber Clone 

There are two different approaches you could opt for developing the best taxi app. The first approach is conventional, creating the app right from the beginning. The second approach is modern yet simplest, facilitating you to launch the app instantly as it is a custom-built solution.

Irrespective of which app development approach you choose, you have to perform the following steps in order to establish a successful venture.

Market Research - Initially, you have to perform market research. No matter what on-demand business you are going to start, it is the requisite foremost step. So, never miss out on this. If you do so, there might be a chance your efforts and time may end up in vain. 

Competitor Analysis - Secondly, competitor analysis will aid you to stay ahead of the rivalries. This is because it will help you come up with unique selling points for your business. You can inculcate in your offerings, and maybe the feature set you include in the app. 

Feature Integration - You have to decide on features to include. As this will frame the app’s functionality, choose wisely to add the relevant features to your app. When you are concentrating on including necessary features, never miss out on new & innovative features.  

Some common features: 

Fare estimation

SOS alert

Book/Schedule rides

Ride history


Business/Revenue model - For instance, Uber operates on an Aggregator business model. In this model, drivers have to register with the app and take up rides upon accepting ride requests from the passengers. As a taxi business owner, you can generate revenue from multiple streams. It includes commission charges, promotional charges, surge pricing, and many more as you wish. 

Once you have successfully formulated your app idea, go ahead with the next step. Everything you must do is to partner with a reliable and well-known clone app development company.   

It's time to launch your app!

Upon finishing the app development, ensure that the app is devoid of technical errors & bugs. This is for a seamless user experience. At the same time, conduct marketing campaigns in order to create brand awareness and reach out to your target audience. 

After that, deploy the app on the platform you wish to. It changes depending on the target audience you are targeting. That is, when you plan to target a wider audience, it would be better to launch the ride-hailing app on both platforms, making it available for Android & iOS users. Or else, you can choose to launch on either Android or iOS. 

It's not finished yet, as you have to keep an eye on your app and work on improvising it. Gathering users’ feedback will aid you to make betterment in your business and earn more revenue. Make necessary changes and release the updated app version. This way, you won’t lose your users.  

What is the time required & cost estimation for Uber Like app development?

As mentioned above, developing from scratch is time-consuming and highly expensive compared to opting for a pre-built Uber Clone Script. 

Development using a readily available taxi app solution requires a few weeks for tweaks as it is 100% customizable. On the other hand, scratch app development would take months as it requires more groundwork to be done.

The cost for Uber like app development relies on various facets. Significantly, your business requirements will have a direct impact on it. Here’s a list of facets that will influence the app development cost.

• Features you integrate into your app

• Technology stack used for development

• Company’s geographic location

• User-interface of the app

• App’s complexity & size

Final say

Now, you will be familiar with the steps to go through when establishing a taxi business with an on-demand taxi app like Uber.  

In those earlier days, developing a mobile app was a tedious process that required a lot of effort and a lot more patience in analyzing the pre-requisite elements. Nowadays, the process seems more simple than you think. In which you can opt for pre-fabricated Uber Clone Script, empowering entrepreneurs to launch the taxi app right away.

Even so, this app solution can be customizable and scalable based on individual requirements. This is why they find it more feasible to opt for this instead of developing the app from the ground. 

If you are aiming to launch a taxi-booking app similar to Uber, never hesitate to try out the white-label taxi app solution. It's high time to hit the ride-hailing market with your app! Ensure to deploy the app with unique selling propositions to stay ahead of the crowd. 

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