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Roadmap Guide to Launch a Uber for X App for Your Multi-Service Startup

 Mobile applications have made a tremendous impact on all our lives. In fact, they have even redefined the way in which we buy our commodities. The minimal thing you have to perform is just tapping on these apps to get our products and services. People have almost forgotten the traditional way of buying things by visiting physical stores. With smartphones in their hands, why do they have to spend so much time visiting stores?

Roadmap Guide to Launch a Uber for X App for Your Multi-Service Startup

Moreover, on-demand apps have become an enticing option for entrepreneurs to venture into the digital business. This lucrative business model is gaining momentum from the investors. Are you interested in exploring the on-demand market with a multi-services app? Well, this blog will be the threshold that guides you through developing your Uber for X app. 

Why do businesses choose an Uber for X solution?

As we all are aware of how Uber made its trademark in the online services industry. However, it laid the groundwork for several other startups to arise in the market. But still, the Uber model remains the most successful one out of all others. This inspired the coining of the term “Uber for X.” 

Here, Uber for X is a business model, where the term ‘X’ could refer to any on-demand service. In simple terms, an app based on Uber is developed to adapt to provide any type of service to the users. This is a ready-made multi-services app solution that consists of all the significant features that are necessary for your multi-services app to perform rigorously in the market. 

The clone script is ready for customizations, and you can personalize the app with any level of customizations. With this app, you could aim for a massive reach among the users. The Uber for X model lets you fit in any type of service for the users like food delivery, taxi-hailing, alcohol delivery, and even multi-services. Moreover, in this platform, the service or product demand is created or aggregated online, for which the services are offered offline. 

What are the top-notch services you can include in your multi-services app?

The on-demand market is filled with various opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore. These services arise out of the demands of the users. After the advent of ride-hailing services, several services decided to take a digital approach. As a result, several on-demand services came into the market. 

When you develop your multi-services app, you are bound to provide the top best services that are much in need for people. 

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Here is a list of services that you can include in your multi-services app,

Transportation services 

With mobile apps in hand, who prefers booking through agencies? People can easily book their rides to near or far away places through an on-demand taxi booking app. This service has gained immense responses from urbanites. You can take into consideration the impeccable growth of the ride-sharing services market in recent years before including them in your app.

Delivery services 

Online delivery services are the nextGen services that are captivating the busy bees. With tight schedules around us, we are very desperate to get our services. This has also resulted in preferring online forums to order our delivery services. Delivery services like food, grocery, alcohol, medicines, etc., are very prominent among people. 

Home services 

In the current scenario, people are almost tired of searching for professionals to carry out their home services. When things run out of the way, people sought after home services apps to schedule their appointments with professionals for the home services. With this app, they can swiftly find their partners like electricians, plumbers, gardeners, carpenters, etc. 

Healthcare services 

On the list of other popular services, join the healthcare apps. These services claim fame post-pandemic. With hospitals restricting treatments only for covid patients, people with other medical issues could not find their bread. In such cases, healthcare apps helped people to schedule their doctor appointments and also over virtual consultations. 

Beauty and wellness 

Post pandemic, the restrictions over salons and spas have put bars for people to stay at their homes. Online beauty and wellness apps help people book their appointments with beauticians. The users can also select their type of services from the app and book their service providers. The Makeover artists will arrive at their doorsteps to pay for their service. This is another important service that has caught the attention of users. 

Essential features to include in your multi-services app

While launching your multi-services app, apart from the Uber for X, there is also a Gojek clone app. It will be another perfect multi-services app solution that can lead you to include several on-demand services to market to people. So, now along with the former option, you also have the option of opting for a Gojek clone. 

Easy registration 

As a first step towards the app, the users can register easily using their social media account or using their other credentials like an email address or phone number. However, the users will start using your app instantly and effortlessly. 

Scheduling services 

The users can book or order their services in the app effortlessly. They can browse through the platform and select their services. The app also allows the users to book their services in advance. 

Tracking in real-time 

Once the orders are placed, the users can start tracking their professionals or delivery agents through the app. The in-built GPS in the app will give them a glimpse of every moment of their service provider. Moreover, this helps them know the exact time of arrival of their products or services. 

Multiple payment options 

The app should permit the users to make payments according to their convenience. There are many payment options available for users. So, providing more than one option will help them to use the app effortlessly. However, you can also provide various payment options like card payments, net banking, mobile wallets, etc.

Wrapping up,

For those entrepreneurs interested in stepping into the on-demand market, starting a multi-services app with Uber for X will be the right choice. You can also start by conducting basic research about the market to understand their demands and trends. Followed by identifying your app developers’ team to develop your multi-services app. Why wait? Commence your planning process right now!



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