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How To Start Blogging

 A Blog is a medium through which you can share your thoughts with others sitting at home, whatever knowledge or any very important information you have, you can share it with the whole world. Blogger is a product of Google, if you want to start blogging then you can start a free blog, for this, you do not need to take domain and hosting. Because Blogger provides domain and hosting for free, you can share your knowledge by creating your own website by visiting different platforms like WordPress, but you have to invest in other sites like WordPress.

What is a Blog – 

Whenever you search anything on Google, after that some search results come in front of you, now you have to open one of the links from the list of given results, then we will go to the page which we call an article that As you are reading this article, this is also a blog post. If we talk about blogging, then people are earning up to lakhs of rupees from blogging. For blogging, you should have complete knowledge of any subject, then only you can start your own website. After that you have to write an article on your website, when you write your article you can publish it on your website, if you start your website on blogger then you have to use Blogspot with your domain in the domain. But if you want to remove Blogspot from your domain, then for that you will need to buy the domain. To buy a domain, you can go to GoDaddy's website and get a domain for any other website. You must publish an article regularly on your website. Because with this all the articles of your website will start getting indexed on Google's search engine quickly. If you want to start successful blogging then it is very important for you to suck the best hosting, for which you can understand Why You Should Grab Dreamhost.

How To Choose a Title -

The idea or motivation to create a blog comes to most people after seeing the monthly earning report of any other blog on the internet. In such a situation, on whichever topic he sees other people blogging, he thinks that he can become popular in this and he can also earn money through this topic.

But maybe you do not know that 90% of such bloggers fail, who make a blog just by looking at others. That is why if you want to create a blog for your website in 2021 that can generate organic traffic, generate revenue. So you have to suck at the best for blogging.

Every person likes to do some work, such as watching movies, listening/writing songs, cooking or eating, traveling, playing games, running a computer, doing business, doing a job, reading a book, playing, or anything. Whatever you like, you choose that topic for your blog. Example – If you like to play games, then you should choose the topic Gaming where you can write about the latest announcements in field of games for your blog.

The biggest advantage of choosing a topic of your choice is that blogging will not work for you. Then you will be interested and you will not have to worry about doing topic research to write any kind of post going forward and you will also get pleasure in working.

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Autos & Vehicles 
  • Beauty & Fitness
  • Book & Literature
  • Business & Industrial 
  • Computer & Electronics

How To Choose The Best Domain & Blog Name?-

After sucking the topic, we have another problem that how do we choose the name or domain name of our new blog? We use many types of blog name generator tools for this, we take suggestions from people about it. But still, you are not able to choose the right name, in such a situation, with the help of these tips, you can choose the right name for your blog so that you can rank your blog quickly.

  • Always keep the domain name or blog name short, simple so that it can be done just by reciting it once.
  • Try to keep the blog’s main keyword in the domain URL.
  • If you are targeting the audience of a specific area, language, then definitely mention it.
  • Do not use any special character in the domain URL.

How to Write a Blog-

To write a blog, you should have very good knowledge about that topic, if you have complete knowledge about that topic, then you can write articles very well on it, now you have to put some headings in your article. ) and paragraphs, along with this you should give genuine information to the users, by doing this you can start writing a blog.

There are two types of blocks –

1. Personal Blog

2. Professional Blog

Personal Blog -

In a personal blog, any person tells about his biography or his hobbies, in a personal blog some people show their desire, goal, in a personal blog we can write about our life and our You can complete the blog by telling all the information about the experience in that blog. If you want to start successful blogging, for which you have to go with The Pros of BigRock which will help you to take your blog to new heights.

Professional Blog - 

If we talk about professor blogs, professional blogging is used by most people to earn money, in professor blog I share my knowledge with other people we can also call professor blog as a business. Because we use a professional blog to work for someone and we can earn good money from this work, there are many companies that should write a blog for their company. To do blogging, it is very important to have complete knowledge about content writing, so you can know by clicking the Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing.

Conclusion -

To write a very good blog, first of all, H1 Heading has to be written attractive so that our blog is attracted and users like your article from Google search. We have to write the intro of the blog post in a correct and interesting way. In a short paragraph, we have to share correct information with users. The blog article has to be written in step by step and heading format so that the reader of the blog is also more interested and the blog is easily understood. Photos and videos must be used in Blog Posts because if users read anything, they like to watch photos and videos, then their interest in reading blogs increases even more.

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