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What is a Simple One-Page Contract?

Are you ready to sign the long-awaited contract with the client? Well done! Yet, before you start the process, you should take care of drafting all the legal documents that will enable you to protect yourself and your own business from all sorts of unforeseen circumstances. The easiest way out is to create a simple contract agreement. Even if the deal is made between known parties who have always adhered to their obligations, you should not refuse to sign this type of document. Therefore, before you start cooperating with someone, be sure to create such a contract, which will include terms and conditions, as well as other necessary conditions of your deal.

Single Page Contract

One Page Contract Agreement: Basic Features

A simple one-page contract is a document that summarizes the general agreements between the parties. It contains the minimum number of clauses required for a particular transaction. In addition to the name of the company and the address, the contract should necessarily indicate the responsibilities of each of the partners. It is also worth including the conditions under which the contract can be terminated by one of the parties. Besides, when drafting a one-page contract, it is recommended to add a paragraph that will deal with the moment of dispute resolution between the parties. The drafting of such a contract is completed by signing it. It is from this point that the parties can begin to cooperate.

One-page Independent Contractor Agreement: Basic Principles of Drafting

One relevant simple agreement example is a document that establishes the business relationship between the contractor and the customer. It describes in detail what the contractor's responsibilities are: the principles of the work, the tasks to be performed, the deadlines, schedules, and so on. In addition, special attention should be paid to the amount of compensation and expenses, as well as the relationship with the customer.

When a simple contract between two parties is concluded, it is important to specify the client's obligations. It is also worth discussing the cost of the services rendered and specifying it in the agreement. This way, each party will be able to protect itself in case of a dispute on certain issues. 

What is needed to draw up such an agreement? First of all, it is necessary to include the following points:

details of the agreement;

the duration of the contract;

the list of services to be provided;

the amount of compensation and payments for work performed;


signatures of each party.

Careful consideration should be given to each of the points described above. First of all, due attention should be paid to the details of the agreement. It is important to specify the full legal names of the independent contractor and the client of the services. They can provide both a legal entity and an individual. In the same section, the mailing address of each party is indicated because it is used for the delivery of various kinds of information, such as invoices or notices of work done.

The next step is a description of the terms. Unlike a regular contract, a one-page agreement does not specify a termination date. Instead, the parties agree on the number of days the customer or contractor must give notice of the termination of cooperation. At the same time, this notice must be provided in writing rather than verbally and mailed to the other party. Further stages of the agreement include:

1. All points that relate to work issues should be stated in the services line. Once the tasks are completed, the contractual relationship between the client and the contractor ends.

2. Compensation and payments represent an important part of the agreement, which cannot be avoided when drafting a contract. Here, it is important to specify the exact cost of the work, which the client undertakes to transfer to the contractor's account after the completion of the services provided. If payments will be made in a different way, for example, in weekly installments, it is important to specify this point in the agreement.

3. In some cases, the client may be financially liable to the customer by covering expenses for travel, materials for work, meals, and so on. You should not only specify the details in the contract but also keep all receipts that show that the payment has been made, to protect yourself.

The final item in the contract is the signatures between the parties. They are accompanied by the initials of the client and the contractor, as well as the date of signature.

Independent Contractor: Definition

Often clients who want to create such a contract do not understand what exactly an independent contractor is. This term may refer to freelancers who are self-employed individuals or legal entities. This mode of operation is chosen by many people because it offers the following advantages:

● any method of providing services can be selected;

● no need to obey any instructions of the employer;

● building a personal and convenient schedule of work and payments;

● working with a variety of clients.

However, it is important to understand that freelancers are not eligible for employment benefits. Despite the lack of unemployment insurance, this type of activity is becoming increasingly popular.

Other Types of One-Page Contracts

One-page contracts can be concluded not only between the customer and the contractor. There are many areas where this type of contract will be relevant. One example is a one-page lease agreement. This agreement is made between a tenant and a landlord, and the property can be either commercial or residential. It is quick to draft and has the same legal effect as a full contract, so it is considered a widely used format.

The main advantage of this type of agreement is that it greatly simplifies the sale or lease of real estate. It will save you time and effort, as well as help protect each party in the event of disputes.

Where Can I Draw Up a Simple One-Page Contract?

Today, there are many platforms that allow you to easily and quickly create all kinds of contracts. One of them is PandaDoc. It stands out among its competitors for the fact that in addition to creating contracts, you will be able to manage and sign them with an electronic signature. You can find over 750 ready-made templates on the website. All of them can be easily edited and sent to others for approval.

The reason why you should consider the platform mentioned above for document management is the availability of CRM integration. Thanks to it, you will be able to provide convenient coordination of certain data. Moreover, PandaDoc optimizes all workflows when you deal with agreements and contracts. You can share documents, track changes in them in real time, and sign them.

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