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Strategic Ways to Make Your Shopify Store Be Better Than That of the Competitors

As the eCommerce industry is continuing to boom, the competitiveness is also surpassing the bars with every new trend being introduced in the market. And in the crowd of competitors, it is now a challenge for budding entrepreneurs to mark an impression and stand out.

Strategic Ways to Make Your Shopify Store Be Better than That of the Competitors


Shopify, one of the biggest eCommerce platforms, is handling more than 4 million active stores online. As demanding as this platform is, more fierce is the competition in this arena itself. But, Shopify as a platform has also scaled with the rising eCommerce demands and trends in the market. 

Experts offering Shopify development services have adopted the upgraded tools or features of the platform to offer you a responsive store aligning with modern-day expectations. But, the race to be the best or hold onto your position will never end, as you will have to adopt newer ways consistently to improve your customer experience. 

But you can surely adopt some strategic ways to prepare your Shopify store to be better than the majority of your competitors on or off the platform. This article will help spread awareness on some of such ways that you can achieve by integrating the best Shopify apps. So, read along till the end!

What are Some of the Ways You Can Make Your Shopify Store Stand Out?

Running a Shopify store demands you to be innovative and creative at all times. There are often new launches on the best Shopify apps to suit the various needs of entrepreneurs like you. Depending on what you think is a necessity, there might be relevant apps available in the official app store of Shopify. 

But, even if you don’t find a relevant one with features you expect to integrate into your store, hire Shopify developers and get a custom app to meet the purpose. To give you a better insight into the capabilities of Shopify apps, here are some of the ways for you to make your store stand out by using them:

1. Add a Wishlist Feature to Your Store

As you know, not every product that customers like in your store is meant to be purchased on the same day. Some people want to keep the selected products aside for buying later so that they don’t have to dig deeper into your product catalog the next time to find it. 

Now, for stores without a wishlist, you might expect customers to add their products to the cart and then come back for the checkout whenever they like. But what if your customer wants to buy some other product first? In that case, for most of the eCommerce sites, people have to remove the current cart items to ensure they aren’t added to the total bill. 

This way, the customers will have to go back and manually add all those products to the cart again, which is a hassle! Therefore, it is better for you to add a Shopify wishlist to the store. This way, your customers can create numerous wishlists with separate categories of products stored in them. 

To do that, you will need the best wishlist app for Shopify, either from the platform’s app store or by getting one custom-developed. Integrating such an app will allow the customers to keep their favorite products saved, which will eventually boost the rate of conversion in the long run. 

To enhance the outcomes, you must also enable the guest wishlist feature on the app, which will allow users to save their products in a cart, even without the need to create an account on your store. 

2. Leverage the Potential of Customer Reviews

Well, this ideology might not be too unique, but with the use of the right strategies, you can definitely take a different approach towards it. Reviews are entertained in almost all online stores, but how can you make things different on yours? 

When you integrate the best review app for Shopify, you will be able to put up a dedicated section on the order confirmation pages or product pages, for customers to leave a review. Apart from that, you can also control the respective settings on this app to display or hide the reviews. 

Not just that, you can also import or export reviews from/to different sources, and pick out some snipper-worthy responses that you can use for your marketing strategies. Not only that, but you can use the collected reviews to improve your online visibility. 

Not only that but upon picking the right app, you will also be able to invoke the feature for collecting reviews automatically. Emails will be sent to the customers automatically after an order is placed and delivered. 

With this, you will be able to create a strategic approach to attending to customer reviews and displaying positive feedback alongside your responsiveness to negative ones. Every review of your specific products will be published on your site only after your approval. 

You can consider integrating a Shopify form builder app as well to create some enticing ‘Leave a Review’ forms for the customers. Pitch them with a discount or freebie in the same form and you will be able to successfully collect a good amount of reviews. 

3. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

One of the best ways you can earn the trust of your customers is by providing them with exceptional customer service. For that, you can integrate the Live Chat feature into your store, using which your support agents can communicate with the customers easily. 

For the bigger issues that can’t be solved over chat, you can either allow phone support or introduce a Shopify form builder app for creating a ‘Contact Form.’ A large number of customers are pretty much hesitant to wait in the queue of the phone support line during rush days. 

Therefore, using the contact form is a smarter move for the issues that don’t need immediate response. Here, the customers can fill out all the details associated with their product or order and wait for the email team to respond. 

Now, it’s upon you to make sure your email team responds to the deposited forms or queries in the shortest time possible. 

Parting Words

Among the best Shopify apps, there are a few options from specific categories that you must include in your store. The three categories listed above are a must-consider for you. Use the chosen apps strategically and bring in more sales and revenue to your business. 

If you don’t find any reliable app from the official App Store, you can also hire Shopify developers to seek custom app development and get all your requirements addressed. 

So, why follow the traditional eCommerce approach with your Shopify store? Go ahead and make it unique and customer-centric! 

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