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The Stunning Online Store HTML Website Template from TemplateMonster

You need to choose a high-quality CMS system and know HTML to configure e-commerce front-end and back-end. In this way, you manage all the processes of your shop: design and functionality. 

You can save time and effort with online store shop html website templates from TemplateMonster.

HTML and Why Do You Need to Have Coding Skills


Online Store HTML Website Template

The code is a standardized document markup language. Specialists operate it to display web pages in a browser. It is a markup format with which the browser renders web resource pages during loading. The browser processes the code in text form documents with the extension .htm or .html.

This feature allows browsers to convert hypertext into different content elements. It makes web designs convenient, understandable, and attractive for their visitors.

Initially, developers used the code to structure and format documents. It supported text with links to other texts (hypertext). Many sites include multimedia content (animation, video, sound, etc.). Such prayers appeared much later.

HTML has many advantages that have ensured its popularity and wide application for several decades. 

We include the following as the main advantages of the code:

●The code runs in all popular internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc. You operate the code in any text editor and a regular notebook.

● The combination of code with CSS and JavaScript allows you to create full-fledged sites not only with text content but also with design. CSS allows for padding, alignment, positioning, transparency, borders, shadows, and more. With the help of scripts, specialists add animations between text, buttons, hovers, etc. Using the programming language, you can exchange data with other sites, but you will need PHP to process them.

●It has a very simple syntax, well-ordered, and consistent markup. Thanks to this, you will quickly and easily learn the basics of working with the layout.

● It is free and in the public domain. It is an effective tool for professional web developers and amateurs. It is optimal for creating simple sites. Due to popularity, you have wide access to forums and informative sources.

● It is compatible with popular programming languages like Node.js, PHP, etc.

● TemplateMonster provides a selection of ready-made templates for admin panels and other tools for developing and managing sites.

At the same time, hypertext markup has certain disadvantages:

● It is not a full-fledged programming code because it does not contain conventions, functions, variables, operators, and other elements necessary for developing programs and applications. It contains a set of tags that help the browser display the content of the pages correctly.

●It is suitable for static web resources. Adding dynamic elements requires a connection to other web development languages like JavaScript or PHP.

● You will not be able to implement the backend. Each page must be created from scratch separately, even if they all use the same elements: headers, footers, etc.

Developers do not operate clean code, but this language is indispensable in the layout process. It is a powerful and functional tool that allows you to create beautiful and user-friendly web interfaces. Thus, even a basic knowledge of a web scripting language is a helpful skill for a web developer and web designer. However, mastering the language of hypertext markup will be indispensable for Internet entrepreneurs.

How to Create a Website Using the Code

How to Create a Website Using the Code

At the core of the hypertext markup language is a combination of tags that instruct the browser to display visual objects on site pages. It is usually a pair construct you use to set the value of text or other data.

Pay attention to the <strong> tag. It makes the text bold. The <p> marks the start of a new paragraph, and the <img> is helpful for images placed on the page. You'll also see the scr attribute to place file links. In addition, specialists operate paired tags to mark blocks of headings, tables, lists, blocks, banners, and any content elements. In addition to paired tags, the set includes individual components like <br>. Specialists operate this to transfer lines.

● <html></html> is a high-level component that marks the beginning and end of a document.

●<head></head> includes meta information, including the page's encoding and title.

●<body></body> contains everything else that contains pages: headings, paragraphs, lists, links, embedded media, etc.

The code provides some options for editing the appearance of the content. For example, with its help, you can change the font or color of the text, make it bold, underlined, italic, crossed out, etc.

The Best Online E-Commerce HTML Website Template from TemplateMonster

We recommend viewing Cali Constructions | Construction & Tools Shop to familiarize yourself with ready-made layouts. It is one of the most popular skins on the TemplateMonster marketplace. It has a responsive design that looks good on different screens: phones, laptops, or tablets. The item includes several scripts for the gallery: Carousel, CSS and JS, Isotope, and Grid. It has a contact form, map, portfolio, blog, and many other features. The author made the design in bright colors. The main color is orange with white. It includes a lot of scrolling animations as well as a lot of moving elements. You have additional pages at your disposal: shop, 404, coming soon, FAQs, gallery, etc.

Online Store Shop Website Template Tutorial

We encourage you to check out this tutorial. It helps you better understand how to edit a site using code:

Online Store Shop HTML Website Template FAQ

What Hosting Can You Use for Online Store Shop Website Template?

If you would like to choose an appropriate hosting for your store, pay attention to additional services: a trial period of using hosting with full functionality; the ability to back up the database; support for multiple email accounts for different purposes; checking mail and protecting against spam and malicious messages; site protection against DDoS attacks; FTP access to download database files; technical support and server status monitoring 24/7; convenient hosting administration panel; support for helpful programs and scripts. TemplateMonster recommends you BlueHost and HostPapa. 

How to Get Online Store Shop HTML Website Template from TemplateMonster?

First, you should register on the TemplateMonster marketplace. You now have your account. Choose the necessary item and add it to the shopping cart. You contact the chat if you have any questions about the layout functionality. Our specialist sends a direct link to purchase the template. After that, you fill out the billing form with payment data. Choose a convenient payment gateway and transfer money. You will then receive an email or call to verify the process. It may take a few minutes. You get a link to the skin in your account. Download and enjoy!

How to Edit Store Shop HTML Website Template?

You don't need to know the code to edit the skin. We offer the conversion to a CMS system if you want to simplify the site setup process.

What Benefits Do You Get with Online Store Shop HTML Website Template from TemplateMonster?

Marketplace offers a layout package with several bonuses for you. If you need help from a specialist, you can submit a ticket to the author within six months. You also have documentation with instructions for setting up the site.

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